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Head In The Sand…


I often push away difficult thoughts,
When those very thoughts I should ponder.
The idea of considering the uncomfortable,
Activates my mind’s impulse, to escape and wander.

I keep busy with distracting pursuits,
Ones demanding concentration.
Or ones which simply entertain,
Offering menial stimulation.

Similar to a leak in a roof,
Problems don’t disappear if ignored.
Eventually my choice is to deal with them,
Or drown in the pool on the floor.

Avoidance is dangerously appealing.
I’ve employed habitual denial for so long.
These methods haven’t served me well,
I need: a New voice, New rhymes, New lyrics, and New songs!

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014



Unwelcome Companion…


Isolation is not the same,
As my dear friend solitude.
Yet he proves my dominant companion.

He persuades me to stay in,
When I need to go out,
Holding me hostage in his unwelcome dominion.

I’m not sure if it’s fear,
Or perhaps mistrust, but
I’m comfortable with little interaction.

Yet, I’ve gotta say,
Part of me is discontent,
With my increasing social retraction!

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014



Words Unspoken…


Sometimes things better left unsaid,

Aren’t better left unsaid, at all.

Many elephants in the room have been born

Who never see their fall.

Fear moves us not to move.

Denial holds us in place.

Avoidance solidifies comfort,

At least for the moments’ sake.

But what of the next moment,

And the moment following that one?

As with words said, can one’s unspoken

Ever be undone?

We are deceived to think the words died

With the lack of our attention.

For me I’ve found, most often,

They just lead to internal contention…

©E.D. Allee
 January, 2014

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