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As God…


I pray You help me see,
All people as you see them.
The beauty within their hearts,
Even when it’s well hidden.

I pray You help me look,
Past their stains and flaws.
To a soul born to search for light,
Make transparent life’s inflicted scars.

I pray You teach me how to love,
Even the ones who cause me harm.
Help me see their pain and struggles,
And grant them the gift of compassion.

We are all connected,
Each heart in a living symphony.
Intertwined into one fabric,
And it’s You that we need.

Please hear my prayer God.
I know it’s only You,
Who can unite and restore all hearts.
Help me see Your children as You do…


©E.D. Allee
June, 2014



A Beautiful Heart I See…

This is a poem my sister wrote for me. She doesn’t write much but when she does- they are crazy amazing! I love my little sister so much. We have a connection nothing can ever match.


Image: http://www.beautifullife.info/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/16/17.jpg

A cautiously beating heart

That dwelt within

The sustaining womb

That I have been

And my chest aches when we’re apart

Two sister hearts

Adrift too far

For no other heart could know mine more

Than the one that beats inside of yours

And yet I know we don’t compare

For within your heart,

Such compassion fares.

An unadulterated love for God and creation

Such caring tenderness lies

Without impeding hesitation

But know in all you do and say

It’s your heart I see struggle anew each day

With the pain in your past

And the choices you’ve made

With final acceptance

With debts that God paid

I see through to your core

With each pulse beating sure

A most gloriously beautiful heart

One which mine will ever adore.

Love, Leeann
May 2014

A Friends Touch…


This was inspired by a poem written by Verbnflow. Can find this beautiful piece here: http://verbnflow.wordpress.com/2014/04/24/trust-fall/

Exactly what the broken need,
To connect shattered pieces, if only temporarily.
Compassion is the glue, and love is the lacquer.
That remains with the hurting soul, ever after.
The warmth of a touch, can melt away the pain,
Cover sins and abolish stains.
Many a tear is saved from crying,
From a soul trying to keep from dying.

©E.D. Allee
April, 2014

Image: http://www.lorcetabusehelp.com/images/4-ways-to-support-a-friend-recovering-from-lorcet-abuse-300×198.jpg

To Be A Shelter… Poem A Day Prompt: Shelter


I want to be a shelter,
To people in my path.
Those I meet upon my journey,
Sharing the love I have.

I want to live with arms open,
Welcoming hurting souls.
To love unconditionally,
And help shoulder people’s loads.

I want to refrain from judgment.
I want to see people as they are.
Through lenses of compassion,
To comfort their unhealed scars.

I want to be a sanctuary,
Sharing the light I have to give.
Reflecting kindness and beauty,
This is what I wish.

©E.D. Allee
April, 2014

Image: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-egLUMY7NEKI/UfRdiM-rwiI/AAAAAAAABV0/BbfVL4g6F4c/s1600/hannah-jamaican-butterfly-20110414-fifth-grade.jpg

To Feel Was To Die…Day 7 Poem A Day Challenge. Prompt: Self Portrait

Self Portrait Prompt: The first thing that comes to my mind when describing myself is I’m compassionate – empathy to a torturous degree without God’s help! I feel like a bit of a one trick pony of late- recovery/addiction are obviously huge parts of my life – but it’s been a little on the overkill level in my recent posts it seems- maybe not- either way- this poem won’t disappoint in the recovery theme! Thanks for hangin in here with me on my journey. Much love to you all.


My heart beats with compassion for the hurting,
The souls lost in a world flooded with pain.
The tortured and the struggling,
For the angry, alone and afraid.

I feel deeply to a core that’s been whittled away,
By time, and through experiences’ stains.
The aches of many, their sufferings,
The feelings run like broken glass through my veins.

To feel is to be alive.
But to feel, at one time for me was to die…

I once considered empathy an encumbrance,
So much weight, I couldn’t shoulder it.
I see now, trying to carry it alone was foolishness,
God gave me this heart; He’s shown me it’s a gift.

I’m growing and evolving each moment,
I’m no longer running from a false opponent.
In recovery, I’m learning to be content,
God sustains this heart as it laments.

©E.D. Allee
April, 2014

Love My Enemies?


My aim is one of obedience,
Not always a desire of my heart.
To love my enemies as I’m am told, (Matthew 5:43-45)
Despite their harshly inflicted scars.

Not only love, but bless them,
Do good to those who have hurt me.
I’m even asked to pray for them,
While no reasoning I can conceive.

There’s much I do not understand,
God’s thoughts and ways are higher than mine. (Isaiah 55:8-9)
What’s beyond comprehension in the natural,
I find works out for my good over time.

I approach this rule, leading with compassion,
Placing myself in that person’s reality.
Trying to grasp why they are as they are,
Knowing much is hidden from me.

In handling others with humility and love,
Forgiving, when it seems unjust.
I consider my many mistakes,
All my wrongs which unfairly remain hushed.

And I pray fervently for the strength I need,
To obey my Lord’s clear petition.
Knowing, left to my own efforts,
I’ll only know resentments painful repetition.

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Pic: http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/rayortlund/2012/05/09/love-your-enemies/



To James: You Will Be Missed…

You’ve been instrumental,
In helping me to change.
Many have tried before,
But I always remained the same.

You helped me open my eyes,
When I didn’t even know they were shut.
Exposing the falsities I’d subscribed to,
As destructive and corrupt.

You showed me there’s a different way,
To live this life I’ve been given.
That existing needn’t be such a struggle,
And I can escape my self-made prison.

You sold me hope with love,
In exchange for surrender.
Convincing me there’s a better way,
Than my adopted misadventures.

You laid out a map of sorts,
Leading to a different life.
And you showed me some tools,
To help me live it right.

You saw things in me,
Things I couldn’t see or understand.
I didn’t even know to look,
For the devil’s contraband.

You’ve touched so many lives,
And I know you’ll touch many more.
I wish you success and blessings,
As you walk through new doors.

You’ll always hold a special place,
Deep within my heart.
A place reserved by God Himself,
One for you He specifically carved.

Know you’ve made an impact,
That you are a strong light in darkness.
I pray you continue your crusade with vigor,
And fulfill your God-assigned purpose…

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

This is dedicated to a man who helped me change my life through recovery from drugs and alcohol.  I, as an alumni of the treatment program I was in, have been able to revisit his lectures two days a week.  He will be moving on to another position now. He will be missed. 

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