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Seek From Within…


Look within,
What you seek is there.
Awaiting discovery,
To meet you at “truly aware”.

You’re always looking to the world,
To quench your desire for peace.
From the noise and chatter,
Finding only temporary relief.

You already have all you need,
The fruit of The Spirit is ever present.
Joy, peace, and self control,
Illuminated opalescence.

Until the world’s illusory solutions,
Are abandoned for the truth inside.
Your peace will remain surface-affixed,
Internal endowments offer a peace…infinitely multiplied.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Pic: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Inner-Peace-343617927

Tick, Tick, Tick… Held Inside


She holds it all inside,
The hurts and fear she feels.
Slave to sustaining appearances,
A false smile offered to conceal.

Reaching out is weakness to her,
Established in her destructive strength.
Alone in a world she keeps at bay,
Within herself she continues to sink.

Her insides stew, destined to escape,
Without her approval or permission.
Unable to maintain her hiding,
In the depths of emotional oppression.

In fury, in rage, in lamenting tears,
Hidden no more, is what’s inside.
Control was simply a cruel illusion,
A consequence of denial and pride.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Pic: http://talesofnightwing.deviantart.com/art/Silence-427621465



The Light Inside…


There is a light inside you now
Waiting to be set free
A light blinding and powerful
And there’s a world who needs to see

Hope, in seemingly hopeless times
A promise of good tomorrows, today
Light which keeps you standing
As all else slips away 

Your warmth can comfort
It can soothe the broken hearted
And you can ignite others
Bringing light to souls once darkened

The forgotten beauty
That shadows have blotted out
Is made known again by your light and love
Expressions of kindness remove doubt

There is a light inside you now
Waiting to be set free
Let it light the way for the hurting
Inspiring connected unity

©E.D. Allee
November 2013

Picture: By Gualberto107, published on 20 May 2013
Stock Photo – image ID: 100168688


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