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Oceanic Pause…

By stretch of an ocean wave
Embraced by the sea

©E.D. Allee
September, 2014

God Wants My Time…


Escape Pause…

The quiet encapsulated,
Within the rustling leaves.
Silence amid the noise,
Sound in 3D.

Elevated out from the background,

A moment, wrapped in simplicity.

Welcomed into a temporal pause,

Nature grants me entry.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

pic: my collection

Run No More…

Where are you headed at the speed of light

Leaving all you love behind

Where do you expect to arrive

What is it you think you’ll find


You are running

Can’t sit still

On a path of destruction

Fueled by self will

Pulse heavy and rapid

Mind spinning within

The world around you blurring

As you resist crawling out of your skin

You can’t fathom the pause

Fearing the clock will stop ticking

Unable to think clear

The static in your head is confounding

Trying to outrun the pain

That threatens to fatally overwhelm

Trying to know a freedom

You feel is being withheld


It will not be found in warp

Running away just gets you lost

You cannot escape you

And pain will eventually catch up

It’s easy to flee

It takes courage to stay

You have the needed strength

To do your life afraid


Within the pause

The incessant buzzing slows

Doors open which once were locked

There’s stillness formerly unknown

The kicking and screaming

Gives way to surrender

The pain is survivable

And not as powerful as you remembered


Waste not another irretrievable moment

Attempting to avoid living your journey

You have choices and decisions to make

And it’s time to finally be free


 ©E.D. Allee




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