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A Halloween Poem…

There is an evil,
Like a dark pungent mist,
Consuming the innocent.

Unseen principalities of darkness,
A wicked one who prowls,
Seeking those he may devour.

Feeding upon our fears,
Clawing at our hopes,
Drowning our dreams with tears.

Demons doing the bidding,
Of satan himself,
From deep within the spiritual realm.

Vampires, werewolves and goblins
Differ from this scary.
Know thine enemy…

©E.D. Allee
October, 2014


 This poem was written based on the following image: http://iosatel.smugmug.com/Gallery-2/i-DZN5h8F

(helps a lot to see the image with this poem.)

(Image from one of our very talented wordpress members: http://theobviousandhidden.com)

Peer into the dark
With your piercing solar stare
Cancel by merging
Yet the darkness is still there

Joined in harmonious union
Separate yet betrothed
The darkness seeks to extinguish the light
The light fights the darkness’ stronghold

©E.D. Allee
April, 2014

Illuminated Moment…


Flickering glow, circular ceiling projection,
Light piercing the darkened room.
Soft flames filled with warmth,
Dancing with the music’s melodic tune.

Enhancing the moment,
Absorbing emotions to purify.
Negativity, and fear subjected to fire,
Pain burned to indemnify.

A trinity of light to anchor,
Honoring The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
Accompanying me in the moment I know,
True light and warmth, ever present…

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014



Sun Surprise…


Dwelling among the grayness,
Which had become sufficient light for me,
I simply forgot to expect the sun’s return.

Then suddenly, with a bright nudge,
A radiant heat upon my skin.
I’m reminded, for light, to yearn…
The e sun first breaks through
A dreary, cloud-filled sky
And finds its way to my face

That first unobstructed glow
The warmth enhanced by its absence
Is a gentle kiss of God’s love and grace

Then the clouds re–blanket
Softly settling back to their places
The sun continues to burn them away

Peeking in and out of small progress
Atmospheric denseness drowning
Asserting illuminations’ reign
How could I get comfy with the gray?
Why was I surprised by the sun’s rays?
Maybe “why”, isn’t important.

My heart is filled with appreciation.
Right now is a new now.
And back to the moment I’ve been transported!

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014





Shadows cast are in constant flux,
Light and dark coexist in motion.
The sun’s varying intensities,
Are accompanied by shade’s cool devotion.
From dawn’s arrival to dusk’s departure,
And all ephemeral moments between.
Are the unknowns of one’s existence,
Set faithfully adrift upon life’s journey.

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Picture: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Fantasy-29837577

Ray Of Hope…


Sheltered by the newness of dawn,
While dark’s offering its farewells.
Is a ray of hope, born from light,
Upon the cusp of love fulfilled.

It stretches far beyond the seen,
Reaching the depths of the unknown.
Illuminating dark places,
Showing the lost the way back home.

The ray of hope will never fade,
Although rain and fog may settle.
For hope’s born and sustained by God,
Ruler of the transcendental.

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014

Picture: http://www.kawaprints.com/prints/ray-of-hope/





Nothing Without You…


Without you I am nothing
I would be nothing
I would know no hope
There is no hope
There is no peace
I can’t love
I can’t give
I can’t choose what is right
Without You

Without You, The darkness becomes the light
The absence of light is illuminated for closed eyes to see
Eyes shut, unaware they even need to be opened
Plagued by enduring, and debilitating deceit

I once believed Your light, against my darkness,
Would blind my veiled eyes if introduced
I believed the lie that You would reject me
So I attempted to hide my shameful nakedness from You

I feared You would never love one such as I
That there was no place for me in Your arms
It hurt to breathe the same air that sustained Your children
Ceaseless tears, unwanted heartbeats, life unwillingly prolonged

But Your light did not blind my eyes upon opening
Although the radiance exceeded pure glory defined
You saw my nakedness, but knew my heart
And no element of rejection did I find
Only love, compassion, rejoicing over my return
One tiny grain of sand among the multitudes
I didn’t know it at the time; I could not consider it possible
But all along I was Your child, and my return You foreknew

So I’ll express endless gratitude to You my loving Father
Thank You for refusing to let me go
Thank You for choosing to walk with me upon my journey
Without You I am nothing, this I know

©E.D. Allee

December 2013

Picture: http://scentoffaith.com/redeemed-from-the-void


Afraid of The Dark…


I fear the darkness,

Its pull upon my life.

The way it tries to dominate,

My inability to fully hide.

Light is threatened.

Will illumination cease?

Will the heaviness of the dark reign,

And finally overtake me?

Am I feeding the fear by my acknowledgement

Assisting in its growth,

By whispering to the enemy

The things he wants to know?

Is the power fear has,

Only that for which I give?

Will its hindering effects,

Continue influencing how I fail to truly live?


I do push through while afraid,

Sufficient, yet my courage is unstable.

Fearing fear itself, but much more.

There’s no way to avoid the shadows…

©E.D. Allee
 October, 2013

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