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Regret’s Inception…

Will I create reason for regret,

By the choices I make today?

With or without conscious intent,

To dark recall, will I fall prey?

Sustained regret is a fictitious deceit,

When shackled to for long.

The things I cannot change,

I must learn from and move on.

I grow through my mistakes,

Great teachers of time.

Yet I pray for the wisdom,

To know and choose what’s right.

©E.D. Allee

June, 2014

Opening The Gift…


There is surface level clarity,
Grasping only at the finger tips.
Of God’s outstretched wisdom,
Idle, leaving unwrapped His offered gift.

Meditation upon truth, neglected,
Many unclaimed revelations.
A loyalty to the comfort of ignorance,
Freedom from accountability and obligation.

But there’s more…

The ease of living enlightened,
The light within the truth.
The peace of a deeper relationship,
With a God, who guides and renews.

Rough surfaces get smoother with time,
Avoiding, and escaping snares becomes easier.
If the gift is opened, and understanding is sought,
Through prayer, and in Gods Word…

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

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God’s Got This!


I pray for what I think I need,
Overestimating my vote’s power.
Requesting wants in desperation,
No clear vision for what I even desire.

I find when God answers my prayers,
They may overshoot my expected target.
I delight in these unforeseen gifts,
And my faith is strengthened through the harvest.

At other times I question if He heard me right???
As if something was lost in translation.
An element of disappointment for not getting my way.
The results are far from my expectations.

Faith supersedes my human attempts at reasoning,
God knows and works what is best.
Although my prayers are answered, whether altered or denied,
The conclusive reality… Is one in which I’m blessed.

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014








Gaining Strength…

What are You teaching?
Grant me strength for this trial.
I seek Your wisdom.

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014




Dear Angela…

Dear Angela,

I’m so sorry you are hurting
I’m sorry you feel so alone
Like all around you is crumbling
And you’ve no place to call your home

Independence seems lost
Simply a distant memory
One which taunts your wakeful mind
And haunts your sleep-strained dreams

You stand in your pit looking upward
Squinting to see if it’s still there
Wondering where it all has gone
Why you’re so empty and your hope’s so bare

Feeling broken, bruised and battered
Your tears cause the rivers to thirst
The journey has led you to the harsh and barren
In despair, fear, and sorrow you are immersed

Unsure of the next right step
So many questions drifting inside
Too many to sift and weave
Hearing muffled answers and suspicious replies

Your faith is strong, yet feels lacking
At times doubt overpowers blind belief
You know God’s carrying you and holds your hand
But you can’t convince your heart not to bleed

One foot in front of the other my friend
You’re stronger than you know
I see you walking through the fire
And coming out refined and whole
I see you encouraging others with your faith
I see your light free from hiding, bright as the noon-day sun
I see you sharing your strength and hope
I see you inspiring the hurting and undone
I feel the warmth emanating from within you
I hear the wisdom that you’ve gained
I see the passion and fire in your eyes
I recognize confidence you thought had gone astray

We cannot know for sure
The outcome of these trials
Hold on although your grip feels uncertain
Know God’s with you all the while

Your rainbow of hope shines inside
The struggle will lead you back to you
Continue to gift the world with your beauty
On this journey of discovery and truth

You are loved,


©E.D. Allee
 December, 2013

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