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Floral Reminder…


Typical trip to the store.
Passing the flowers to smell,
The roses’ sweet aromas,
Magnificent varieties for sale.

And I’m struck again with amazement,
At the perfection of God’s art.
Each petal delicately connected in unity,
Each uniquely marked.

Grown in abundance,
Bearing joy and love, smiles and comfort.
Aesthetically pleasing to the knowing heart,
Pausing life in moments unencumbered.

Again I say, again!
How can one not believe,
That this world was created by intelligent design?
I wish all would look and truly see.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Soaked Despair Meets Hope…


Her umbrella settles upside down,
Open, but on the ground.
She grasps it by the firm handle,
And drags it slowly, letting it dangle.

The rain is falling in unforgiving buckets,
She’s drenched, cold and adapted to numbness.
Her steps are staggered, her head hangs low,
Dusk is upon her, and she’s all alone.

She feels a pull, a prompting from deep within.
To set the umbrella, upright again.
Slightly hesitant, she complies,
Lifting her head to join her open eyes.

Present once more in the moment,
Awareness restored, yet remaining reticent.
Her feet steadying, weakly standing tall,
Grasping the hand reaching out, preventing her fall.

The hand of God, powerful, and nostalgically familiar,
Love, warmth, and light surreal.
He calms the storm inside her soul,
Her upright umbrella; she’s alone no more.

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Pic: http://weather.thefuntimesguide.com/images/blogs/rain-umbrella-with-sun-and-clouds-by-LilGoldWmn.jpg

A Bed of Rope…


I wish I had a hammock in the sun, right now!
Where a soft breeze could brush against me as I lay.
I long to hear the rhythmic sound of braided friction in motion.
And to know the gift of precious nostalgia, born with each sway.

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Picture: http://cdn5.agoda.net/hotelimages/535/535481/535481_13100314310016841826_STD.jpg


Come sing me a lullaby

One to help me close my eyes

Eyes which wish to dream of you

If only slumber they knew


Come sing me a lullaby

A sweet voice as if from on high

Restful comfort I would know

If you could only make it so


Come sing me a lullaby

From so far away, please try

For I long for darkened eyelids

Could you grant me this one wish


Come sing me a lullaby

Soft and sweet while still I lie

In restless torment I spend my nights

I need your song to calm the fright


Come sing me a lullaby

I’ll be waiting, standing by

Till you are here with song

I’ll dream awake till the nightmares are gone

©E.D. Allee

God’s Skipping Stone…


God skipped a stone in the skies today

I witnessed its slow and stubborn fade

Soft and white were its remnants

Evenly spaced celestial accents

Time appeared to be suspended

By the smooth blue surface which held it captive

The sun retreated to make room for night

And sprayed the stones’ path with colorful light

I imagine God smiled, pleased with His fruitful throw

Sharing His delight with All underneath the “living” water He’s bestowed


©E.D. Allee

October 1, 2013

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