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Atmospheric Chains…

Atmospheric changes,
From pure visible light to stormy dark.
From protective calm to violent tempest,
Lightening strikes, I reach out, soul’s shocked.

Into worldly submission,
Defenses down, false shelter under metal trees,
Disconnected from God,
Focused fatally on me.

On my wants, my desires,
Dangerously toying with temptation.
Approaching it before it approaches me,
Destructive initiation.

I get stronger, growing in God,
Connected to The Holy Spirit’s promptings.
Conscience, intuition… Holy voices muffled by will,
Childish rebellion, disheartening.

Less of me and more of Him,
The ever present eye of all storms.
No more drowning in preventable floods,
I seek the shelter of the Son.


Will I take God’s offered, mercifully hand?
Or keep one foot in a grave, meant to bind me to this carnal coffin?

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Pic: http://nuggetsbyaprildishon.blogspot.com/?m=1

Love Is The Answer…


Tit for tat world,
You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.
What have you ever done for me?
I owe you absolutely nothing.
I’ve given you a lot,
You should now give me what you’ve got.

Selflessness lacking.
Unconditional love crashing.
It’s all “me,me,me” everlasting.
Giving Is just too taxing.
Get ahead, possessions amassing.
Hurting those in the way, people-slashing.

Will we change with recognition?
Can we accept conviction?
Alter our perspective regarding division?
Connecting humanity with new vision?
Is cooperative unity such an abstraction?
Are we willing to exit our self-centered prisons?

It begins with me, it begins with you,
Love is the answer; let’s start anew

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Pic: http://activehappiness.com/page/4/

Do You Know the Why?


All you see is the surface, skewed in size and appearance

All you recognize is the negativity affecting YOUR existence

All you hear are words, you know not from where they arise

All you examine is a stern face with masked, false eyes


You break the person in pieces and assemble them back all wrong

Hastily assigning a misinterpreted title to a canvas you don’t own

In an instant you are colored by the judgments that you hold

About someone who isn’t you, about someone you do not know


You care not what might be hurting their world, or what pain is in their lives

Compassion is crucial yet lacking, and your mercy never arrives

Behind the anger and the strike against your precious feelings

Is a human being with fears and concerns trying their hand at surviving


Does your inconvenience assign you the right to forget the why?

Do they not deserve the same love and respect you expect others to supply


Will you see beyond the surface deceitful in its display?

Will you consider more than the negativity being hurled your way?

Will you listen and hear words not spoken?

Will you examine the face behind the mask they’ve chosen?


All I’ve seen is your personified annoyance

All I’ve considered is what I perceive as harsh judgment

All I’ve heard is an attitude of selfish unforgiveness

All I’ve examined is your outward rank appearance


I’m sorry, I forgot to consider the why…

©E.D. Allee

September 13, 2013

Picture By nirots, published on 23 December 2012

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