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Light’s Cast…


The dancing shadows
Wind, trees, and afternoon sun
Stir whimsical dreams

©E.D. Allee
July, 2014

Image: http://cf2.primecp.com/master_images/AllFreeKnitting/shawl/Dancing-Leaves-Lace-Wrap.jpg


The pain of yesterday,
Is now the pain of today.
Old hurts resurface,
Showing no mercy or restraint.

New tears are cried,
Off the drips of tears past.
Sorrows thought buried,
Exit their open tombs intact.

But now…

The peace of today,
Strives to shred yesterday’s pains.
God’s love buffers old hurts.
Stale are the tears which remain.


The sorrow is slower to leave.
Spilling and merging with my porous soul.
Painting dull colors upon my countenance,
Making movements surreal and slow.

It cruelly replays dark memories,
Blanketing thick shadows on my heart.
Actively consuming hope,
Tearing apart healing scars,

Mistakes made on destruction’s heels,
Existence defined only as “survive”.
I’m reminded again,
How it feels to be barely alive…




Shadows cast are in constant flux,
Light and dark coexist in motion.
The sun’s varying intensities,
Are accompanied by shade’s cool devotion.
From dawn’s arrival to dusk’s departure,
And all ephemeral moments between.
Are the unknowns of one’s existence,
Set faithfully adrift upon life’s journey.

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Picture: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Fantasy-29837577

Ode To The Rotund Moon



Geometrical perfection.
Illuminated night gem.
Cyclically shifting stages,
Holding the tide in submission.

Encouraging the dreamers’ visions.
Inspiring the introspective poet.
Directing eyes to the heavens.
Provoking exploration’s focus.

Illuminating paths abandoned by the day.
Bearer of crystals upon outstretched seas.
Sunrise amidst starlit skies.
Subject to God’s nocturnal biddings.

Reflection upon mirrored lakes.
Casting shadows once unknown.
Spreading its enchanting blue hue.
Leading the lost back home…

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014




Afraid of The Dark…


I fear the darkness,

Its pull upon my life.

The way it tries to dominate,

My inability to fully hide.

Light is threatened.

Will illumination cease?

Will the heaviness of the dark reign,

And finally overtake me?

Am I feeding the fear by my acknowledgement

Assisting in its growth,

By whispering to the enemy

The things he wants to know?

Is the power fear has,

Only that for which I give?

Will its hindering effects,

Continue influencing how I fail to truly live?


I do push through while afraid,

Sufficient, yet my courage is unstable.

Fearing fear itself, but much more.

There’s no way to avoid the shadows…

©E.D. Allee
 October, 2013




 Shifting boundaries

Darkness dependent on light

Artistically cast

©E.D. Allee
Photo by (I wish it was me!) :By Evgeni Dinev, published on 07 November 2012

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