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Illuminated Night… Writer’s Digest Poem A Day challenge. Prompt: Night

There’s a universe filled with lights.
Shimmering glass upon black skies.
Gems, hand-scattered each night.

There’s a sky above, a charcoal sheet.
Darkened upon daylight’s defeat.
Showcasing the dream-twinklings.

Heavens are alive with illuminating accents,
Enhanced by the cover of nighttime’s jubilance.
A spectacle of aesthetic assets.


Dawn returns, and light snuffs out light.
Sparkles are diminished from view for a time.
Resting gently as remembrances upon waking minds…

©E.D. Allee
April, 2014

Image: http://lynleahz.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/photo-manipulation-starry-night-in-forest-wallpaper.jpg


Night Accents…



The horizon slowly fades from view

And mountain silhouettes slip into obscurity

A dark sky of hidden stars now dominates

Blocked by the overpowering lights of the city


At one time my eyes easily captured

The vast foreverness of the twinkling gems

Reminders to all onlookers

That light in darkness is ever present


I recall the cold metal of an open truck bed

Delighted by each falling star

Awed by the reminder

Of just how small we really are

The stars reached down and I reached up

Two separate realms connected

Staring so hard that the tiny lights blurred

As if the black night no longer existed


The stargazer I once was lives on

Mostly inside memories and imaginings

Upon captured images

And written paintings


My view’s different now, the glimmer I know is man made

Bright and filled with colorful variety

Glowing lights mix with heat and gasses

Creating movement, life, passion and fury


I’m witness to nighttime accents

Until daylight hours return

Another horizon breaks with its illuminated glow

And mountain silhouettes are once again…granted the light for which they’ve yearned


©E.D. Allee
 October 23,2013

Picture: http://www.masterfile.com/em/search/#id=&color=&colour_key=0&format=hvsp&keyImage=&keyword=blurred+city+lights%2C+vegas&license=ALL&mode=search&sort=alice&aspectRatio=mediumAspect




Aim for the stars
And pull back your bow
One arrow, one shot
With confidence, let go
Wishes made
Wishes that came true
May never have been wished at all
If not wished by you
Dreams aren’t just for night
The stars are present always
Behind the lids of longing eyes
They find renewal in each day
There are stars made just for you
Set your aim on things above
Capture the dreams within your heart
And live them out in love
©E.D. Allee

October 22, 2013

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