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Fallen Again…


A secret simmers within
Blood cold and fearful
Not ready to release it
Drowning a heart so tearful

Secrets often shatter
The ones we love the most
Destroy trust and confidence
Heavy strains are imposed

She’ll be met with unconditional love
There will be certain acceptance
Loving embraces and encouraging words
Caring and generous forgiveness

But how does one set out to break a heart
Cause disappointment and pain
All the good intentions in the world
Couldn’t keep her from falling again



Under Magnification…


Although I’ve known you long,
I now see you with perceptual enhancement.
Your details are beautifully defined,
And they kindly reveal your delicate secrets.

Sometimes it takes magnification,
To see things the way they are.
Below the fluff and camouflage,
Which only serve to mar…

Image compliments of our fellow wordpress blogger/amazing photographer – Iosatel. You may check him out here: http://theobviousandhidden.com/2014/04/06/the-magnificent-three/

Whispers of Freedom…


A whisper, released from captivity,
Feather adrift upon the tongue.
Holding silent echoes, captured by the heart,
Unheard, unless one knows to listen.

Where secrets abide, lying in wait,
Screaming to be spoken in confidence.
Concealment causes a slow decay of the soul,
Constantly under light’s eye of suspicion.

A whisper, into the noisy silence,
Can you hear what’s being spoken?
The freedom found through exposure,
Will return quiet to peace again…

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Pic: http://thumbs.imagekind.com/426734_650/Gods-Whisper.jpg?v=1390564800

She Shared Her Story…

rusty chain

I heard you tell your story, from start to finish you shared your truth

I listened in silence to your voice as you spoke the words once dead inside of you

You stood before us all, naked and exposed in unsolicited honesty

I found myself in awe of your determination and strength


Without hesitation the words flowed from your heart, as if they were taking their first breath

There was a light present around you, like the fear finally had left

Your start in life was painful, and life became more damaging over time

I consider it amazing that you are still alive


My heart broke for you as I watched some of your pain turn to dust in the air

I felt your struggles to my core; I could touch your despair

Your story was one of survival against uncommon and unimaginable odds

I marvel when I consider what it must have taken to not lose heart


I pray you know your courage and power; you faced dark fear and overcame

Stamped with burdens which threated to take you out of life’s game

I question if I could be as honest, if I could speak my truths out loud

If I would have the courage to melt down my masked state in front of a crowd

Would I have the strength to stand while sharing that which has crippled me

I don’t even know if I could be as transparent with myself, If I’d be willing to see


We protect our secrets as if they are worthy of sacred worship

As if they are so fragile yet powerful that they will die and take us with them once surfaced

Maybe if they died, we would lose ourselves and no longer be whole

They may not be healthy, but we nourish them in our drowning souls


To keep them is to continue with the weight we’ve accepted as part of our journey

To let them go, we’d have to find a new truth inside.  What would that look like? What would be?

What if that which has defined us is all that we really are

Would pealing back the layers to reveal the underneath be worth the risk of deeper scars?


It’s said that our secrets keep us sick, yet we cling tightly to unshackled chains, illusory binds

The only thing holding us back is our refusal to let go; we are free to walk away any time

The freedom you appear to know I covet, desiring it for my own

I want to lay my secrets down; I want to let them go

To let them exist only as faded memories of a life they helped shape, but not permanently define

Like words on a page which have left the confines of my heart and mind

The power I give them, the refuge I supply to sustain them

I seek to dissolve over time as I begin again


Thank you for sharing the hope and triumph you discovered in your life

Thank you for inviting me into your world, if only for one night

One never knows how much they will touch someone in thought, word, or deed

I want you  to know you’ve touched my life and helped closed eyes to see


©E.D. Allee

August 30, 2013

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