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She Is The Dance…


Given to whimsical fancies,
Immersed in the realm of the limitless.
Led by innate passion,
Pulled, never pushed.

Upon toes which propel
Her graceful form to heaven.
Embraced by floral perfume,
Laced with poetic expression.

Woven dreams, intertwined desires,
A willing captive to all, and to none.
Sheltered by each moment in dance,
Heartbeat united with song.

She is the dance.
The dance is she.
Inseparable oneness,
The same entity.

©E.D. Allee
July, 2014

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A Poet’s Passion…


Untamed, unfiltered, unbound,
Seeking expression upon void canvases.
Coloring a world within an ornate frame,
Embellishing life with elegant song and dance.

Emotions unfiltered, internal truths revealed,
Romantic strings strummed upon the heart.
Echoes of times past and to come,
Mirroring the surrounding world through art.

A flame, an inferno,
Producing immense heat.
Which scorches frozen souls,
With the warmth they crave and need.

No cap, no max, no attempts to bind,
A voice lubricated by inhibition.
Unwinding in a flow of erupted energy,
Feeding on inspiration’s gifted nutrition.

Poetry is the medium,
Which intently selects it’s vessel.
Received with acceptance or not,
A poet’s passion cannot be quelled!

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014



If I Were A Song…


How would the melody sound,
If I were a song?
Would it be an upbeat, catchy tune?
Would people want to sing along?

Or would it be slow and haunting?
With melancholy laced sustained chords,
That send soft chills down the spine
Invoking thoughts of life’s joy robbing storms?

What would the lyrics be?
What instruments would represent me?
Would the song play on repeat?
Or would it fade into premature finality?

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014

Picture: http://blogs.yis.ac.jp/19leehy/files/2014/01/music_notes-1z5rh82-rivhfz.jpg



Come sing me a lullaby

One to help me close my eyes

Eyes which wish to dream of you

If only slumber they knew


Come sing me a lullaby

A sweet voice as if from on high

Restful comfort I would know

If you could only make it so


Come sing me a lullaby

From so far away, please try

For I long for darkened eyelids

Could you grant me this one wish


Come sing me a lullaby

Soft and sweet while still I lie

In restless torment I spend my nights

I need your song to calm the fright


Come sing me a lullaby

I’ll be waiting, standing by

Till you are here with song

I’ll dream awake till the nightmares are gone

©E.D. Allee

The Song That Is You…


I wake filled with joy and contentment these days

My heart strums a melodic tune

The song is so familiar

It is the song that is You


You dwell in this bluebird on my shoulder

In the rain upon a tin roof

In the crickets cries in the dark of night

In the crashing waves controlled by Your moon


Every sound of beauty

The notes woven by your creative loom

Ignites a flame of emotions

With Your sweet fragrance, my heart is abloom


I once wondered, perplexed, about the dawning of the music within

It’s prior scarceness made me question if it was true

While puzzled, I was grateful

I thanked You daily for the happiness I knew

And now I see, with eyes opened wide

It is, and always has been…the song that is You…

©E.D. Allee
November 2013






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