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Packing Up The Season…



Down they come one by one

Tangible symbolic memories

Of times and of places experienced

Tokens of things felt and seen


There are the delicate angels

Dolls, nutcrackers and stars

Souvenirs and framed photos

A large white dove and mirrored balls


The gold garland soaked in white lights

Surrendering its reflections to this dim room

Must come down with the rest

As Christmas time is through


Season’s greetings draped on twine ropes

Will be packed away as well

Love and heartfelt wishes

Are stored back upon the shelves


The nativity debuted in glory

When Christmas first drew near

Will be cautiously wrapped with love

And tucked away with care


Then there are the stockings

The trinkets and snowmen

The wreaths and random decor

All must return to their bins


I think that will about do it

Another holiday come and gone

Oh, I almost forgot

I’m not quite done


Lastly there’s the Christmas tree

Evergreen bathed in light

While not lush and living

It’s filled with vibrant life


The beauty of my enhanced surroundings

Lifted my spirits when they were low

I’m sad the ornamental is retreating

Only a year to their return, still a shame to see them go

©E.D. Allee

 January, 2014









Another afternoon fade
Of the sunlight on the Christmas tree
Ornaments aglow in gentle movement
Casting shadows for all to see
With the sun’s slow and constant descent
Night’s welcomed with colorful lights
Which spread rainbows where shadows once dwelled
With childhood memories, onlooking eyes unite

Waking Christmas morning
As if nothing could keep us in bed
Rising before the sun
To see the presents Santa had left
Running in to inform our parents
It’s time to rise and shine
Sleepy-eyed they’d emerge
Mustering all the energy they could find
Such glee-based commotion
Fighting siblings take pause for the moment
The one time of year with such a bounty
Of gifts filled with loving sentiment

The day is a celebration
Of the birth of Jesus Christ
While it’s not simply about the presents
They symbolize the gift of His life
In time, all wide-eyed children grow
Remembering Christmas’ past
Having learned about the true meaning
Found in the light which God has cast

The knowledge of hope
Not wrapped within a bow
Feelings of peace among a strife filled world
Love freely shared, soul to soul

As an adult
I experience the wonder differently
I find I have to seek the magic
A little more diligently
I see it in the Christmas trees
Wrapped in light and unique memory tokens
I see it in a child’s smile
With each gift they give and open
I hear it in the laughter
Boisterous and untamed
I feel it in the warm hugs
People can’t wait to give away
I know it in the hymns of praise
Sung by united lives
If only for a time
Together in the beauty of love we abide

Christmas is many things
And I know I must keep my eyes open
As not to be blinded to the amazement
Of a God I place my hope in

©E.D. Allee
 December 2013

Merry Christmas- Haiku Style

The savior was born
We celebrate His great birth
Christmas and always

Little hearts delight
Joyous dreams all through the night
Christmas has arrived

A star in the east
Guiding light on journey far
Jesus, the prize found

There’s uncommon peace
A stillness upon the earth
The eve of Christmas

The Savior was born
The son of God became man
Love came in flesh

Hope was born to all
To save lost and hurting souls
From satan’s power

Now that Christ has come
Let us rejoice and be glad
Grace is abounding

©E.D. Allee
December 2013


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