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 With Sway… by

Life’s path, shaky.
Edges contort with uncertainty.
Mistaking vertigo for safety,
Due to its familiarity.

One step at a time, mere cliche.
Each step is taken with sway,
Time is set on perpetual replay.
No forward progression, continual delay.

Eyes half open for fear of the truth.
Masked reality with everything to prove.
Lucid while dreaming, collecting real wounds.
Questioning the concept of being bulletproof.

 ©2017 elizabeth dianne allee

Pain’s Losing Power…

Pain cuts deep.
Past the surface.
Through bone and flesh.
What happens next…
The lies I once believed,
The whispers in my ears.
The fear born deep within,
Accepting as truth, what I would hear.

Following the insidious leadings,
Into the realm of self destruction.
Smothered by a heavy darkness,
To which I’d helplessly succumb.

Now that power has faded.
Lies replaced with God’s truth.
Fear is buffered within me,
By a shield of faith I lift and use.

I can resist the temptation, when hurt,
Which once locked me in chains.
Tonight I did not drink or use,
Only God could make that change…

©E.D. Allee
October, 2014

To Know Her… Day 5 Poem A Day Challenge. Prompt : Discovery

Now, in emerging full light,
I’ve started discovering me.
She has been waiting many years,
Desiring to be heard and seen.
Now that I’m looking straight at her,
And the veil is finally lifting.
I seek to know who she really is
Through truth and lies I’m sifting…

©E.D. Allee
April, 2014

Forever Valentine…


You were my very first Valentine,
Before I was known to the world.
Your hands still warm with creation,
Your countenance reflected pleasure at Your work.

The rosy red heart you made me,
You placed within my chest.
Your poetry and Your songs,
Were scribed gently inside my head.

The first smile I ever smiled,
I smiled happily at You.
The first utterances I ever heard,
Came from Your powerful voice of truth.

I’ve been in love with You since the beginning,
Although we spent some time divided.
I’m more smitten with you now than I ever was,
Your love is beautiful and inspiringly vivid.

So, I take this rosy heart within my chest,
And I offer it back to You.
I return the poetry and songs
You give each day anew

I want You to smile when You see me,
Pleased with Your child, Elizabeth.
I want You to hear “I love You” in my voice,
Until I draw my last afforded breath.

Dust to dust, and throughout eternity, our love will thrive.
You are my heart, my first and forever valentine…

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Picture: http://www.lrbc.org.uk/news/2012/02/14/happy-valentines-day-god-loves-leigh/

Authenticity… (Revised)


How much do we hide,

Of our true selves?

Showing others what we wish them to see,

Hoping they’ll learn of nothing else.


Pridefully painting portraits,

To present to an attentive world.

A world waiting to drink us in,

Or strike us with judgements’ sword.


Who are we trying to convince,

Of the validity of our emblematic masks?

The prying eyes of others,

Or the shadows that we cast?


Are there individuals:

Who escape the need to escape?

Who successfully hide from hiding?

Who expose themselves without being exposed?

Who are authentic in their authenticity?


Perhaps, maybe in circles so small,

As to include God and no one else.

Total disclosure isn’t for every onlooker,

But, we sometimes keep ourselves a secret… from ourselves.


When we refuse to embrace our truth,

And we run, as if it will help,

We get carried away by the falsities we bought into,

And become subdued by adopted doubt.


To receive liberation from our own tauntings,

Which tell us we’ll never be free.

Might mean shattering the lies based in fear,

That prevent true authenticity…

©E.D. Allee

October 27, 2013

Picture link:http://audacium.com/vulnerability-balanced-leadership/


Dear Angela…

Dear Angela,

I’m so sorry you are hurting
I’m sorry you feel so alone
Like all around you is crumbling
And you’ve no place to call your home

Independence seems lost
Simply a distant memory
One which taunts your wakeful mind
And haunts your sleep-strained dreams

You stand in your pit looking upward
Squinting to see if it’s still there
Wondering where it all has gone
Why you’re so empty and your hope’s so bare

Feeling broken, bruised and battered
Your tears cause the rivers to thirst
The journey has led you to the harsh and barren
In despair, fear, and sorrow you are immersed

Unsure of the next right step
So many questions drifting inside
Too many to sift and weave
Hearing muffled answers and suspicious replies

Your faith is strong, yet feels lacking
At times doubt overpowers blind belief
You know God’s carrying you and holds your hand
But you can’t convince your heart not to bleed

One foot in front of the other my friend
You’re stronger than you know
I see you walking through the fire
And coming out refined and whole
I see you encouraging others with your faith
I see your light free from hiding, bright as the noon-day sun
I see you sharing your strength and hope
I see you inspiring the hurting and undone
I feel the warmth emanating from within you
I hear the wisdom that you’ve gained
I see the passion and fire in your eyes
I recognize confidence you thought had gone astray

We cannot know for sure
The outcome of these trials
Hold on although your grip feels uncertain
Know God’s with you all the while

Your rainbow of hope shines inside
The struggle will lead you back to you
Continue to gift the world with your beauty
On this journey of discovery and truth

You are loved,


©E.D. Allee
 December, 2013

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