Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Momentary pauses

Those moments of pause from business,

When a stillness is recognized.

Standing out from the distractions,

To a place I can abide.

Where I can feel the wind through the glass,

My eyes bathed with light.

The new buds upon a tree,

Capturing my heart with delight.

And all I see is You Lord…

I’d like to collect these moments in my pocket,

Access them when I get wrapped up with the world.

You say “Be Still and know” (Psalm 46:10)

Thank You for this momentary pause.

©️e.d.allee, 2021



How do I say thank You,

For the gift You have given?

You so loved the world,

You gave Your only begotten.

To save Your Children,

From the stain of sin.

What a price to pay,

Death, Burial, and Resurrection.

When I believed upon Jesus,

Every sin I have committed,

Or ever will commit,

You’ve cleansed- I am acquitted.

Thank you for Your Love,

Thank You for Your sacrifice.

Thank you that you counted me worthy,

That You bought me with a price.

And what a price it was,

The death upon a cross.

All the iniquities of the world

Weighing heavy on Your heart.

I know I didn’t deserve it,

But You died in my place anyways.

Thanks for baptizing me with Your Spirit,

Where I died With You and too was raised.


April 3, 2021

Your Grace Abounds

In my weakness, when my strength fails,

Your Grace abounds sufficiently.

Made perfect in my lack,

It’s not my strength, but Yours I need.

I know I’m not alone,

You’re as close as the breath in my chest.

Doing life with You beside and within,

Is victory beyond circumstance.

So thank You my Lord,

For making me right and complete.

Nothing this world can offer,

Can surpass Your love for me.

©elizabeth dianne allee

Father God,

I pray You gird my waist with Your belt of truth,

Infuse my heart and mind with You and Your Word.

Help me hear Your Spirit within,

And always seek Your Kingdom first.  (See Matthew 6:33)


I put on the Breastplate of Righteousness,

I ask You to protect my Heart always.        (See proverbs 4:23)

Thanks for making me right through The Blood of Jesus,        (See Romans 5:9)

Let Your righteousness serve others through me.        See Ephesians 2:10


Shod my feet with The Gospel of peace,

Guide my steps throughout this day.        (See Psalm 119:33-34)

Proclaiming the many gifts of God,

And the peace Jesus offers through faith.        (See Romans 5:1)


Enable me to Lift Up the Shield of Faith,

As the evil fiery darts are defeated.

You say no weapon formed against me shall prosper, (See Isaiah 54:17)

Let not the enemy’s plans be completed.       (1 Peter 5:8)


I place upon my head the Helmet of salvation,

Protect my mind from all that’s not of You.

Sanctify me until the day of completion, (See Philippians 1:6)

And shelter me from all untruth.


Give me strength to wield the Sword of the Spirit,

Your Words are Powerful and filled with Might.  (See Hebrews 1:3)

You Created the universe and all within it,       (See Genesis 1)

Thank You for The Way, The Truth and the Life.        (See John 14:6)


As I venture into the day You have planned,

Help me listen and cooperate with Your Spirit.

Armed and protected, by the Armor,

WhichYou so graciously have gifted.


In Jesus Name I pray,


Written by: elizabeth dianne allee



jeremiah 29-13

In the search for God,

One need not look far.

He is not lost or hiding,

He exists within our hearts.

An undeniable longing,

We cannot quench with the world.

He is “I Am”… Eternal, (Exodus 3:14, Psalm 90:2)

Seek Him, and know fully as you are known. (1 Corinthians 13:12)

©e.d. allee
May, 2014

Revised 3/5/20

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Can’t Let Go…



Getting in touch with that pain,
The deep seated hurt which whispers
Remembrances upon raw ears.
Escape seems the only option,
So you seek it where you can.
No easement in your bereavement.
No comfort for your soul.
On fire with the unrelenting flames of sadness,
Waiting, biding time, wishing for the numbness
Humanity can never provide.
So you sit alone, and cry…

Seemingly endless tears
Threaten to submerge you in a watery abyss,
Which you prefer to living.
To float upon pains’ waves
In search of an island where you can stay.
Where memories of them
Aren’t tangibly all encompassing.
Void of the trinkets and images
Confined to frames.
The frames with illusive boundaries,
Unable to contain their essence,
False immortalizations
Once treasured and admired.

In time these feelings will subside?
One day I won’t be chained to this preoccupation?
Peace will return while I know breath?
Or will…

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Our SOULS danced, with birds-eye view, 

Above ONE WHOLE, once Lost as Two.

Spectators to love ENHANCED and RENEWED,

Agape-embraced Eros is TESTED and TRUE.


Written by: elizabeth dianne allee



Belief hasn’t been an issue.

I’ve seen enough of the unseen to know.

Faith that You CAN? You are Amazing God!

Those seeds of doubt I did not sew.

I surveyed my own worth,

And that’s where it began…




A sinister meditation,

With one implication,

Through constant replication,

Filled with guilt and condemnation,

Straining air and circulation,

If only I hadn’t listened,

I’d of held my position,

There’d have been no competition,

For my time and attention,

Communion, each days’ intention,

With The God of all creation,

Not a spiritual vacation,

Standing on my power- an illusion,

Lacking faith, hope or vision…

Thanks for holding on when I didn’t,

I’ve missed Your presence, Your Power,

It could have been different… perhaps,

If I hadn’t drifted so long.

Not remembering WHO You ARE,

Or who i am, because of the Cross.


My heart is once again open,

Scales have fallen from my eyes.

I seek to follow You closely,

And live in Your grace-filled  light…


I pray You help me,

In Jesus’ name, Amen

Written by: elizabeth dianne allee


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