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 With Sway… by

Life’s path, shaky.
Edges contort with uncertainty.
Mistaking vertigo for safety,
Due to its familiarity.

One step at a time, mere cliche.
Each step is taken with sway,
Time is set on perpetual replay.
No forward progression, continual delay.

Eyes half open for fear of the truth.
Masked reality with everything to prove.
Lucid while dreaming, collecting real wounds.
Questioning the concept of being bulletproof.

 ©2017 elizabeth dianne allee

Placid Paddling…

Lake Mead, NV

Lake Mead, NV

Through the glass,

My paddle passes.

Breaking gently into tiny pieces,

Rapidly repairing placidity.

One repetitive,

Awkwardly rhythmic row after another,

Propels me toward my destination of non-specificity.

The depth of the water below varies,

As time and distance pass.

And my fear is directly correlated with that depth,

Yet the fear is thrilling…

The heat of the sun,

The wayward frigid splashing from my paddle,

Balance my experience beautifully.

October kayak in Nevada, upon Lake Mead.

With mountains cradling crisp clear waters,

Sets my spirit free…

©E.D. Allee
October, 2015

See The Transformation…

See the transformation,
The change before the change.
The metamorphosis which will be,
When it’s the true you, you embrace.

Her ethereal existence,
Whisper of your tomorrow upon today.
Awaiting the steps of your journey,
Starting with one, your courage displayed.

You’ve been afraid to discover,
What’s destined to be yours.
Truths hidden by layers of facades,
Authenticity masked, hope obscured.

But I see her. Wings unveiled.
Through the hardships and mistakes.
To the light that already is,
And a dawn that waits to break…

©E.D. Allee
February 2015

Dedicated to a friend in a newly blossoming friendship… Angela
Wishing her beauty in self discovery upon her journey.

A Hopeless Gray…


My cloud isn’t pink
It’s gray
How long, I wonder
Will I feel this way

No purple sunsets
In my mind
Only thumbnail moons
In darkened nights

I question the future
Days I’ve left to live
How many times I will
Fall into the same abyss

I ride a magic carpet
In my dreams
I watch my journey
From above the trees

Trying to escape
Less scathed
Than the previous times
I’ve lost my way

My cloud’s no longer pink
It’s, YET AGAIN, a hopeless gray…

©E.D. Allee
April, 2014

Image: http://blogs.psychcentral.com/celebrity/files/2011/11/black-cloud-blue-sky.jpg

Upswing, Along For The Ride!


Windows down on journey
Warm sun upon my face
Hair tangling in the wind
Concerns, but a trace.

Sky blue, with white cotton drops
iPod shuffle serenades me
Only happy songs allowed to stay
Feeling the high of a needed upswing!

How great to ride
Rather than drive…

©E.D. Allee
April, 2014

Image: http://cloud.collegefashion.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/fine-hair.jpg

Poetry’s Journey: Poetry Form- Huitain


Poetry will find it’s own way,
Once it receives the poet’s breath.
Dancing with wings to life’s ballet
A poet’s heart to be confessed.

When by beauty, it’s been caressed,
Poetry shares it’s gifts of light.
Opening minds which were oppressed,
So heart and soul will reunite.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

A Spanish form of poetry, the huitain revolves around the number eight – there are eight lines in the poem, and each line contains eight syllables. The rhyme scheme is ababbcbc. That’s all there is to it! (http://www.elfwood.com/farp/thewriting/27brianforms/27brianforms.html#ethere)

Image: http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/302/b/3/glowing_psychedelic_abstract_by_angrydogdesigns-d31rd5c.png




Shadows cast are in constant flux,
Light and dark coexist in motion.
The sun’s varying intensities,
Are accompanied by shade’s cool devotion.
From dawn’s arrival to dusk’s departure,
And all ephemeral moments between.
Are the unknowns of one’s existence,
Set faithfully adrift upon life’s journey.

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Picture: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Fantasy-29837577



We step forward, sure footed

Confidence in tact

Perhaps confidence originates

Because due consideration we lack


Wind blowing swiftly through our hair

Leaping from one stone to the next

Eyes closed while in flight

No cautious resistance


Springing forward with ease

Only to fall upon the uncertain stones

The very ones in which we trusted

To lead us in the way to things unknown


The crash is powerful

The solid blows leave their marks

And for various lengths of time we sit

Questioning our strength to restart


Perhaps we should have taken

The road blanketed in pebbles

The gentle sandy path

Or the ground paved with petals


Would each one have taken us

To the same destination?

Did we even have a choice

Of which path to step out in


At times the terrain is unknown

Until that first step forward

Sensory cues cumbersomely surround

Contributing to a lack of order


If we had taken time at journey’s onset

To plan for the days travel

To pack all supplies needed

To enable us in battle

What would we bring

What plans would we make

How would we go about recovering

From likely mistakes


How long does the path which lies behind

Remain and allow for our retreat

Does the trail from which we came

Cushion our now bruised feet


The path backwards deep into the past is an illusion

A black abyss lined with imaginary stair cases

Steps have the solidarity of a dream

We walk each one in traces

©E.D. Allee

January, 2013

Photograph: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Stepping-Stones-10454946

Run No More…

Where are you headed at the speed of light

Leaving all you love behind

Where do you expect to arrive

What is it you think you’ll find


You are running

Can’t sit still

On a path of destruction

Fueled by self will

Pulse heavy and rapid

Mind spinning within

The world around you blurring

As you resist crawling out of your skin

You can’t fathom the pause

Fearing the clock will stop ticking

Unable to think clear

The static in your head is confounding

Trying to outrun the pain

That threatens to fatally overwhelm

Trying to know a freedom

You feel is being withheld


It will not be found in warp

Running away just gets you lost

You cannot escape you

And pain will eventually catch up

It’s easy to flee

It takes courage to stay

You have the needed strength

To do your life afraid


Within the pause

The incessant buzzing slows

Doors open which once were locked

There’s stillness formerly unknown

The kicking and screaming

Gives way to surrender

The pain is survivable

And not as powerful as you remembered


Waste not another irretrievable moment

Attempting to avoid living your journey

You have choices and decisions to make

And it’s time to finally be free


 ©E.D. Allee





Lucid Journey…


So many questions I ask now

I’ve never really seriously pondered them

I can see a future with me in it

One without a tragic end

It’s okay to dream now

Life isn’t the nightmare anymore

I’ve been awakened from my slumber

Upon opening my eyes, I look forward to what’s in store

I’m not sure what I will experience

On this uncertain, exciting journey

On my path of growth in the light

Revealing who God created me to be

How much will I truly see of what I’m shown

How much will I learn of what I am taught

Will I seek after the things I should

Will I be teachable and find that which is sought

Will I close my eyes and cower

Will I want to run and hide

Will I act with courage and strength

Not allowing hope or faith to die

How many times will I fall down

Will I get back up with ease

Will my steps be counted and small

Or will there be many triumphant leaps

How many doors will I open

Only to find disappointment

And what of the doors

Filled with joy and contentment

Will I keep trying to remain in what’s past

Holding on to what can’t be changed

Will I find peace with “right now”

Not living in a future I try to arrange

What people will l know along the way

Will love shine through in how I live

Will I have been a blessing to others

With compassion and a heart to give

I’m excited to discover living

Now that I’m lucid on my journey

Things will unfold one moment at a time

Wherever life takes me, I now know I am free

 ©E.D. Allee

 November 2013

Photo: By dan, published on 06 December 2010

Stock Photo – image ID: 10023853, freedigitalphotos.net

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