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Cloth Chained Memories…


Free soaring, anchored flight;
Tied to a tail of whimsical joy.
Willing servant to the wind,
To cares, an effective decoy.

Unaware of her rapid pace,
And frequently peering behind.
Glimpsing a sun-filtered silhouette,
Loosening string; a magical climb.

What memories will future years bring,
Of the once exuberant child?
Who flew red kites in the sand,
And inspired smiles with her smiles.

Grasping tight to soaring gem,
Which flitters as if trying to break free.
Connected by a cloth chain,
And a little girls’ dream…

©E.D. Allee
May, 2014

Image: http://www.visualphotos.com/photo/2×4824164/mixed_race_girl_running_with_kite_on_beach_BLD082598.jpg

Childlike Flight…


Running with childlike excitement,
Bursting with anticipation.
Settling in to the swing’s embrace,
Small hands hold to life in animation.

Slow increase through repetitive advances,
Then rocketed into another dimension.
Where moments become motion-filled still-frames,
Leaving lasting experiential impressions.

Higher and higher, eyes closed, head back,
Outstretched arms hanging on with delicate rebellion.
Wind strong, applying resistance with futility,
Continuation of flight beckons.

Swinging free, immortalized within childhood memories,
Alive once more, through recollection.
A gift of play and uninhibited fun,
Shared from generation to generation.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Pic: http://www.applyyourheart.com/2012_09_01_archive.html?m=1

I’ll Paint You My World…


A paint brush in a child’s hand,
Aspirations without inhibitions.
Slightly directionless, yet intentional,
A joyous display of playful expression.

The feel of the brush in a firm little grasp,
The power to create at hand.
Each stroke births colorful purpose,
Imagination comes to life, bold and grand.

Through the eyes of a child,
Sharing their world.
I see a beauty contained within innocence,
Life filled with hope, and promise to hold.

I pray the colors they choose remain bright,
Selecting from God’s endless palette.
Continuing to create light, hope, and joy,
As they move within life’s canvas.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014





Wishes In The Wind…


How many a childhood wish was made,
Upon your airy seeds?
Dome of softness obeying the breath,
Blown to set it free.

How many a moment of stillness,
Have you been party to?
When the world slows rotations,
And dreams gather for their debut.

How many a dawn have you witnessed,
At God’s suspension of the night?
How many raindrops have you felt?
How many tears have seen cried?

Dandelion, unassuming and lovely,
A symbol of faith’s releasing.
A microphone speaking into hope,
Encourager of believing…

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Pic: http://cache.desktopnexus.com/thumbnails/152010-bigthumbnail.jpg


Music Box Memories…


I close my eyes and I’m transported,
As was the case when I was a child.
When my modest music box collection grew,
Each additional delight, offering new smiles.

I listened to cassette tapes with recorded tracks,
In a Walkman and a boom box.
I loved the soothing beauty, enchanting sounds,
I adored the entrancing moving parts.

Joy conceived metal to metal,
Pins activating a steel combs’ teeth.
I never knew how it worked back then,
It was simply magic, to me.

The delicate strums I lend ear to,
In today’s far away, adult world.
Reach a piece of my soul,
Reserved long ago, when I was just a girl…

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Pic: http://image.dhgate.com/albu_394058570_00/1.0×0.jpg






Another afternoon fade
Of the sunlight on the Christmas tree
Ornaments aglow in gentle movement
Casting shadows for all to see
With the sun’s slow and constant descent
Night’s welcomed with colorful lights
Which spread rainbows where shadows once dwelled
With childhood memories, onlooking eyes unite

Waking Christmas morning
As if nothing could keep us in bed
Rising before the sun
To see the presents Santa had left
Running in to inform our parents
It’s time to rise and shine
Sleepy-eyed they’d emerge
Mustering all the energy they could find
Such glee-based commotion
Fighting siblings take pause for the moment
The one time of year with such a bounty
Of gifts filled with loving sentiment

The day is a celebration
Of the birth of Jesus Christ
While it’s not simply about the presents
They symbolize the gift of His life
In time, all wide-eyed children grow
Remembering Christmas’ past
Having learned about the true meaning
Found in the light which God has cast

The knowledge of hope
Not wrapped within a bow
Feelings of peace among a strife filled world
Love freely shared, soul to soul

As an adult
I experience the wonder differently
I find I have to seek the magic
A little more diligently
I see it in the Christmas trees
Wrapped in light and unique memory tokens
I see it in a child’s smile
With each gift they give and open
I hear it in the laughter
Boisterous and untamed
I feel it in the warm hugs
People can’t wait to give away
I know it in the hymns of praise
Sung by united lives
If only for a time
Together in the beauty of love we abide

Christmas is many things
And I know I must keep my eyes open
As not to be blinded to the amazement
Of a God I place my hope in

©E.D. Allee
 December 2013

THE GREAT VIVIAN… One of my sweet nieces

vivian from behind pic monkey

Everything is new to me

I want to touch, taste, and feel everything I see

Hello fan, twisting round and round; I love to look at you go

And my small red and white polka-dot box… how I love you so

The glow worm that brightens and sings while on the changing table I lay

And let’s not forget my favorite star… please never go away

I sit on my blanket and I scoot, scoot, scoot

My legs know only kicking right now, but one day they’ll splash in rain boots

The pots and pans hanging from the ceiling are monkey’s mom says

I believe her, because let’s face it, I don’t now what either thing is

When I am cuddled in mom’s arms and nestled against her chest

I feel so safe and protected, not so bad, my world is

The angels I see around me comfort me and make me smile

And because of the prayers of loved one’s, they’ll be with me my many miles

I’ll continue to grow and get stronger every day

Watch me as it happens; please don’t look away

Before you know it I’ll talk back to you and let you know what I think and feel

For now, mommy, just hold, love, and sing to me; say you always will

Keep reading me the books I love in that sweet and comforting voice

And know when I look up at you and smile, my heart really does rejoice…

©E.D. Allee

August 24, 2006

pic: my collection

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