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A Hopeless Gray…


My cloud isn’t pink
It’s gray
How long, I wonder
Will I feel this way

No purple sunsets
In my mind
Only thumbnail moons
In darkened nights

I question the future
Days I’ve left to live
How many times I will
Fall into the same abyss

I ride a magic carpet
In my dreams
I watch my journey
From above the trees

Trying to escape
Less scathed
Than the previous times
I’ve lost my way

My cloud’s no longer pink
It’s, YET AGAIN, a hopeless gray…

©E.D. Allee
April, 2014

Image: http://blogs.psychcentral.com/celebrity/files/2011/11/black-cloud-blue-sky.jpg

Feeling’s Fading Reign….


I’m not well versed on the matter,
Of how to push past my emotions.
They’re like a life raft aimlessly adrift,
An expansive, fickle ocean.

I submit to them, I acquiesce,
Sometimes without considering truth.
Ignoring the things I’ve learned,
My undisciplined soul, a harmful muse.

They assert their control upon my life,
Making it hard, at times, to breathe.
I fight the urge to crawl into my shell,
To induce my cowards leave.

I’m learning to proceed regardless of,
The emotional whispers strumming my fears.
To swim to the surface, cinder block bound,
Where feelings become mere souvenirs…

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Image: http://en.artoffer.com/_images_user/5576/193786/large/Raphaela-C.-Naeger-Abstract-art-Miscellaneous-Emotions-Modern-Age-Abstract-Art.jpg

Internal Detonation….


Splattered passion,
Blank canvas no more,
Anger, joy, sorrow, pain,
Making known internal lore.

Storytelling through random arrangements,
Implementing fates’ unbridled design.
Energies born of the varied spectrum,
Create layers of sublime.



Art’s voice is heard,
Creativity’s expression given life.
By splatters of paint,
Meant to illuminate what’s inside…

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Big Boys Aren’t Afraid!

Busy with my addictive smart phone,
I sat awaiting my plane’s arrival.
Next to a restless young boy and his dad,
“Papa'” is what the boy called his father.

Overhead erupted a roaring alarm,
Frightening, considering our culture of terror.
The gates were filled with baffled gazes,
And the small boy expressed his fear.

To which his father replied…
“Your a big boy; big boys aren’t afraid”.
He repeated this emphatically,
Until he persuaded the child to agree.

Disconcerting alarm aside,
My heart sunk within my chest.
The message imparted by the father,
Was responsible for my distress.

The lesson taught had me worried.
Would that boy grow up suppressing his fear?
Betraying his natural human emotions,
As he was trained and engineered?

Courage is not the lack of fear,
But the forward movement while afraid.
Hopefully the message that child received,
Will be circumvented in his coming days.

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014












Haiku: Empathy

I know empathy

As physical pain within

My heart bleeds for yours

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