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Tear Bled Ink…

It is in times of great sadness,

That you find me here.

Like strangers we’ve spoken silently,

With words no one could hear…


In those silent moments,

When I’ve not written what’s inside,

There is no ink to suffer bleed,

From the flow of pain’s tide…


©Elizabeth Dianne Allee

September 29, 2017


So Many Words!

So many words,
In my head.
Not all of which,
Should be said…

So many words!
So many words!
In my head!
In my head!
Spilling onto screen and page.
Racing from my mouth in haste.

So many words!
So many words!
In my head!
In my head!
Disarming their own functionality,
As they exist superfluously.

©E.D. Allee
September, 2014

Mimic Without Thought…

Very few occasions,
Do they accurately describe.

Yet With dramatic flare,
We wield them like sturdy swords,
Of knowledge’s might.

Words, power-filled,
Applied with carelessness,
Impact seemingly slight.

Trained by habitual, verbal familiarity,
Compliance without questioning,
“Language mimics”- words wrongly defined or applied


©E.D. Allee
March, 2014


Hurtful Mouth Spawn!


Your mouth spills venomous poison.
Selling hurtful jabs as truth.
Spawning falsities and confusion,
While you stand proud and aloof!

Wrestling with whether I should agree,
With your situational interpretations.
Playing out the scenarios again and again,
Attempting to learn from replays in slow motion.

Sometimes settling into acceptance,
Of that which is not mine to embrace.
Other times empowered by defiance,
Of your strong efforts to deface.

If I don’t know my truth,
I’ve nothing to use as defense.
But I think I’ll resolve to walk away,
Seek clarity, and fight offense!!!

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014

Picture: http://m5.paperblog.com/i/18/185388/contemporary-art-damien-hirst-s-abstract-pain-L-OnkDAX.png


Let the Words Flow Free…

If I try to plan my words
My heart will not be heard
If I’m reading from a script
Of me the words are stripped
When I think too hard, before I speak
I risk loosely dangling on truth I seek
But when I let the words flow free
Let them stream from within me deep
Authentic clarity is playfully exposed
Boundaries lose power, they cannot hold 

I’m not convinced all the words are mine
Maybe I’m simply to give them life
Perhaps there are people who need to hear
The words whispered purposefully in my ears
I am sure they are not all for me
The amassed verbal creativity
Neither the life force I’ve been given
Or this gift of sightless vision

I’m born of empathic, compassionate design
Which I learned to be grateful for, over time
When my heart seeks expressive deliverance 
I pray it speaks something that makes a difference

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