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Me Within…


Paused for reflection,
Amidst a revolving world.
I saw me within…

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

pic: from my collection




You serenade me with the sweetest poetry

Gifting my heart strings with life

Soul on fire with the artists’ gift

To a darkened world you bring light

Your words sift through the pitch

Searching for meaning and hope

Weaving the words together

As if they’re one unified note

Thirsty for the next enigma

Playfully exploring life’s mysteries

An existence of purpose and joy

You seek diligently

Upon a breeze you meet

With inspirations’ destiny

Flowing from a heart of passion

Helping my eyes to see

Some only dream of touching you

To hide in your embrace

Until they’re once again made whole

A place they finally feel safe

Yet, you’ve chosen me

And my gratitude overflows

To know you is to know love

Heart, mind, body and soul

©E.D. Allee
 November 2013

Picture: http://nighty.deviantart.com/art/Winter-Serenade-26014075


Lucid Journey…


So many questions I ask now

I’ve never really seriously pondered them

I can see a future with me in it

One without a tragic end

It’s okay to dream now

Life isn’t the nightmare anymore

I’ve been awakened from my slumber

Upon opening my eyes, I look forward to what’s in store

I’m not sure what I will experience

On this uncertain, exciting journey

On my path of growth in the light

Revealing who God created me to be

How much will I truly see of what I’m shown

How much will I learn of what I am taught

Will I seek after the things I should

Will I be teachable and find that which is sought

Will I close my eyes and cower

Will I want to run and hide

Will I act with courage and strength

Not allowing hope or faith to die

How many times will I fall down

Will I get back up with ease

Will my steps be counted and small

Or will there be many triumphant leaps

How many doors will I open

Only to find disappointment

And what of the doors

Filled with joy and contentment

Will I keep trying to remain in what’s past

Holding on to what can’t be changed

Will I find peace with “right now”

Not living in a future I try to arrange

What people will l know along the way

Will love shine through in how I live

Will I have been a blessing to others

With compassion and a heart to give

I’m excited to discover living

Now that I’m lucid on my journey

Things will unfold one moment at a time

Wherever life takes me, I now know I am free

 ©E.D. Allee

 November 2013

Photo: By dan, published on 06 December 2010

Stock Photo – image ID: 10023853, freedigitalphotos.net


On My Tombstone…



I’d like to change my tombstone up,

Scratch off items that no longer apply

I never gave much thought to it before

I once welcomed the day I would die

Words etched in stone, I avoided considering

I cared not about the how or why

I want an altered, accurate truth to prevail

Not cemented, false lies


Here lies Elizabeth,

She lived and died with careless fury

She lived a life of self-destruction

And died prematurely

Drink and drugs inside her, among broken glass

A victim of a tragic story

Suicide by overdose,

Plagued by deaths vainglory


Considering what I want now,

Upon my stone grave

Words, once accurate, have faded into obscurity

I now think about my life, and death, in a new way


Here lies Elizabeth

Surrounded by the light she knew while she lived

She spread joy and love

To a world in desperate need of it

She sought to exist on a selfless plane

To other’s needs she did commit

She succeeded at her endeavors

Holding strong to God’s offered relationship


With grace she caressed her time on earth

With an unbound spirit she was free

She walked among the swaying wild flowers

And upon the raging sea

Mountains were as stepping stones

And she could rise above the trees

She knew the joy of living

Despite no guarantees

Fear could not contain her heart

Anger was simply an idiosyncrasy


We know not the arrival or method of our demise

We should not choose our own passing

But we can aspire to live in a way

Which brings glory everlasting

What will be on your tombstone

When your earthly body fades to gray?

Will your tombstone reflect light

Or will darkness and sorrow, cement convey?


I would love to take credit for this inspired idea. However, I give credit to a leader in a treatment program I was in.  He gave a lecture about scratching off items we don’t want on our tombstones.  I was strongly moved.  My unrealized tombstone was pretty ugly.  I’m on the side of “living” now.  I’m experiencing what life has to offer-clear-minded.  And, God willing, a happier display will be etched in the stone marker assigned my earthly body.  Changing up the tombstone baby!


©E.D. Allee

September 17, 2013

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