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Mimic Without Thought…

Very few occasions,
Do they accurately describe.

Yet With dramatic flare,
We wield them like sturdy swords,
Of knowledge’s might.

Words, power-filled,
Applied with carelessness,
Impact seemingly slight.

Trained by habitual, verbal familiarity,
Compliance without questioning,
“Language mimics”- words wrongly defined or applied


©E.D. Allee
March, 2014


Forever Valentine…


You were my very first Valentine,
Before I was known to the world.
Your hands still warm with creation,
Your countenance reflected pleasure at Your work.

The rosy red heart you made me,
You placed within my chest.
Your poetry and Your songs,
Were scribed gently inside my head.

The first smile I ever smiled,
I smiled happily at You.
The first utterances I ever heard,
Came from Your powerful voice of truth.

I’ve been in love with You since the beginning,
Although we spent some time divided.
I’m more smitten with you now than I ever was,
Your love is beautiful and inspiringly vivid.

So, I take this rosy heart within my chest,
And I offer it back to You.
I return the poetry and songs
You give each day anew

I want You to smile when You see me,
Pleased with Your child, Elizabeth.
I want You to hear “I love You” in my voice,
Until I draw my last afforded breath.

Dust to dust, and throughout eternity, our love will thrive.
You are my heart, my first and forever valentine…

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Picture: http://www.lrbc.org.uk/news/2012/02/14/happy-valentines-day-god-loves-leigh/

Love Together or Apart…



While apart we are together
A wormhole connects your heart and mine
There is no distance too far between 
No concern over space and time

Weightless we travel to each others arms
While in between,  dreams sustain 
Imaginings, fantasies, warm remembrances
Scenes painted with kaleidoscopic stains 

When together, the intensity of our shared energies
Ignites flames too powerful to douse 
Attempts to do so would be in vain
The feverish heat surmounts

And on lazy, extended mornings
While we lie together in bed
Holding each other gently 
In comfort and stillness, head to head
I pause and count my blessings
Knowing this love is a gift undeserved
Please hold my heart forever
And I too will forever hold yours

©E.D. Allee

 January, 2014



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