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Without A Home…


To those without a home tonight,
The injurious frozen air shattering your humanity.
Please accept the warmth from my heart.
If only you could thrive on sentimentality…

Your cries go not unheard.
Your struggles are not unseen.
I admire your fortitude to persevere,
And face each new day’s unforeseen.

I wish you hope, in the midst of your storm,
Resources to sustain you.
I wish you strengthened faith in God,
And a happy ending of dreams come true.

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014



Can ALWAYS Be Worse…


I could choose to focus on,
Those things which bring me down.
Those things which drain me of joyful smiles,
Replacing them with Eeyore frowns.

There are many problems and stresses,
From which I may easily select.
Hindrances of my making,
Or those for which I’m beset.

While I recognize I must give problems their due,
I fight their persistent efforts.
To distort this canvas where I stake claim,
Life’s challenging enough without lending power to oppressors!

Many blows have come my direction,
Paving the way for ones more perverse.
I just continue to speak my mantra,
It can ALWAYS be worse!!!!

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014



To Trust, To Fight, To Hold On… Let Go


There’s so much I don’t understand
Answers, explanations I’m not privy to
I try to apply my human logic alone
When deciding what to do
I go with what “feels” right
What makes the most sense
I follow the advice of others
Choose the path of least resistance
I’m not fond of suffering
I feel at times the sacrifice is too great
It’s so hard to be hopeful
And patiently wait

When all within me is crying out
This is much too hard!
I have to believe God knows what’s best
And trust He holds my heart
I know my vision stretches
Only as far as the moment
If I could see what He sees
It would be easy to be obedient
I trust God’s word
And, though I fall short, I try to follow His path
I know the answers are available
And His promises are mine to be had
Yet I’m in this fleshly shell
Which tries to subdue my spirit
Appealing to my selfish and self-centered side
Encouraging me to quit

I will never be perfect
Yet always I will strive
I’ve attempted to live my way
And now I want a better life
I know trials will come
I’ll be tested so that I may grow
And I pray for the strength I need
To simply let go…
©E.D. Allee
November 2013




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