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Autumn Trail…

Beauty inspires pause.

Autumn descends, gold and bronze. 

Path beacons me forth…

©2017 Elizabeth Dianne Allee 

Image credit: https://www.deviantart.com/art/Autumn-Walk-XXXV-638063931


Purposeful Descent…

To catch a falling star, 

To hold it in your hands.

To feel it’s warmth andheavenly glow, 

And absorb it deep within.

New purpose for the fallen,

Restored hope and renewal.

A fading light, destined to extinguish.

Caught by special you.

Staring at the heavens,

Wishing on a star.

A dream held close within your heart,

Upon the descending, afar.

Not expecting its arrival,

But to your delight you knew.

A shooting star,

From night’s cradle, to you.

©2017 Elizabeth Dianne Allee

Photo credit: https://abstract.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper/1538573/

Above The Weather…

Under the weather,

Seeking to ascend.

Into the silken blue,

Where infirmity ends.

Chicken soup and love,

Lots of rest and drink.

Transport me to the land of healing,

Above the weather I wish to be.

©2017 Elizabeth Dianne Allee

Photo credit: http://www.onepoll.com/men-call-in-sick-sooner-than-women-when-suffering-a-coldflu/

Yet Alone…

Reaching in return,

Pensive horizontal gaze.

Embraced, yet alone.

©2017 Elizabeth Dianne Allee

Photo credit: https://pajunen.deviantart.com/art/Among-the-trees-706347766

Superficial Light… (One-Word Prompt) 

Superficial light, I believed you were true.
I was even sure it was you who shone through.

My spirits were lifted, hope was acquired

Dreams were envisioned, my heart was inspired.

But when night descended, upon my tiring spirit.

You fell into shadows, and luminance was lifted.

You were a falseness, a snake, a mask to eclipse.

Fiction placed craftily on the cusp of darkness.

©Elizabeth Dianne Allee



Lively Lavender.

Lending Love Lyrically.

Leisurely Lucid.



©Elizabeth Dianne Allee (photo by me)

Stone Elegance…

Light livens her, 

Contentment abounds.

Firm in permanence,

A stance beautiful, proud. 

To glance is to stare, 

Her stone elegance entrancing. 

Immortalized by hands of love.

Still romancing… 
©Elizabeth Dianne Allee
Photo credit: https://mary-petroff.deviantart.com/art/Lonely-statue-178254359

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