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Between the what if’s…

That magical dimension,

Akin to delusions or psychoses.

Where one holds to a tiny thread of subjective reality,

A confirmed impossibility,

Only in the realm of gentle probability,

From the mind of one, single, beautiful, intelligent, creative, unique, human being…

Who’s to say any of us are wrong?

©2017 Elizabeth Dianne Allee


 With Sway…

Life’s path, shaky.
Edges contort with uncertainty.
Mistaking vertigo for safety,
Due to its familiarity.

One step at a time, mere cliche.
Each step is taken with sway,
Time is set on perpetual replay.
No forward progression, continual delay.

Eyes half open for fear of the truth.
Masked reality with everything to prove.
Lucid while dreaming, collecting real wounds.
Questioning the concept of being bulletproof.

 ©2017 Elizabeth Dianne Allee

Image Credit: https://etchepare.deviantart.com/art/Lost-in-forest-IV-72497842

Humble Beauty…

Humility amidst the grand majestic,.

At one time, evening kindlings replaced sunlight till dawn.

Many seasons and elemental burdens,

Expose scars of the tattered yet steadfast and strong.

A solitude which breathes in slowly, 

With eyes closed, and soft smile.

And exhales upon drapes of perfection.

Not realizing he too is to be admired… 

©2017 Elizabeth Dianne Johnson

Image credit: https://kkart.deviantart.com/art/The-Cabin-In-Crested-Butte-563034953

Merge With The Sea…

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 11.07.45 PM

I wish to be one with the sea.

To leave this life behind.

For each crash upon hardened stone,

To be a victory for the tide.

I want to dissolve into the ocean,

My sanctuary and confidant.

Kind keeper with watchful eyes as I grew,

Merge my life with yours, take this broken heart…

©2017 Elizabeth Dianne Allee
Image credit: https://www.deviantart.com/art/Solitude-485942344

He Chose Her…

You came to me as promised,

Like many secret nights before.

With a single rose and, those heartbreak eyes.

Which could only be yours.


Your strong embrace entrancing,

I breathe in your manly essence.

Your hands encompass my body,

Yet I feel you restraining your lust.


Your kiss lacks its passion,

A lifeless vessel you’ve become.

Going through the motions,

I’ve lost you, my love…


The day has finally come,

I sense your goodbye.

I feared she would win out,

The dreams of what could be were a lie.


I must go on without you,

With this emptiness I know.

I can’t begin to mend the bleed,

Now that you chose to go…


©2017 Elizabeth Dianne Allee

Image credit: https://hilif.deviantart.com/art/Solitude-660427303

Autumn Trail…

Beauty inspires pause.

Autumn descends, gold and bronze. 

Path beacons me forth…

©2017 Elizabeth Dianne Allee 

Image credit: https://www.deviantart.com/art/Autumn-Walk-XXXV-638063931

Purposeful Descent…

To catch a falling star,

To hold it in your hands.

To feel it’s warmth and heavenly glow,

And absorb it deep within.

New purpose for the fallen,

Restored hope and renewal.

A fading light, destined to extinguish.

Caught by special you.

Staring at the heavens,

Wishing on a star.

A dream held close within your heart,

Upon the descending, afar.

Not expecting its arrival,

But to your delight you knew.

A shooting star,

From night’s cradle, to you.

©2017 Elizabeth Dianne Allee

Photo credit: https://abstract.desktopnexus.com/wallpaper/1538573/

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