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Do You Wonder Too?

Behind those soft and dreaming eyes,
What is it that you see?
What secrets dwell just beyond,
Your sealed lids of mystery?

As the floral night’s fragrance,
Christens each unlabored breath.
Surrounded by slumbers’ gentle sway,
What visions do you collect?

In your peaceful reprieve from the day,
When the world’s placed upon you its share.
And serenity reclaims your countenance,
Who, in rest, is with you there?

What warrants your unquestioned allegiance,
To the unseen nocturnal helmsman?
As you sail upon steady waves of entrancement,
Returning to center, time and again?

Upon awakening,
From the eves peaceful slumber,
Do you find it’s these same things,
That you too ponder?

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

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Graceful Slumber…


Bathed in silver light.
Dreaming dreams meant for the night.
Cradled by soft glass…

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

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Come sing me a lullaby

One to help me close my eyes

Eyes which wish to dream of you

If only slumber they knew


Come sing me a lullaby

A sweet voice as if from on high

Restful comfort I would know

If you could only make it so


Come sing me a lullaby

From so far away, please try

For I long for darkened eyelids

Could you grant me this one wish


Come sing me a lullaby

Soft and sweet while still I lie

In restless torment I spend my nights

I need your song to calm the fright


Come sing me a lullaby

I’ll be waiting, standing by

Till you are here with song

I’ll dream awake till the nightmares are gone

©E.D. Allee

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