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Paper Planes…


Against unknown odds
Far removed from urban plights
A single piece if paper
A faith orchestrated flight
Released from hopeful hands
Solitude, her company
Unsure of the final destination
She paints mental pictures of real fantasies

For, what are we without our dreams
Without our untamed ponderings
Strange as the thought may be
We’re each paper planes set free

©E.D. Allee
May, 2014

Image: http://freshdayahead.com/2013/01/let-go-of-negativity-believe-the-truth-of-what-god-says-about-you/

Dream Creation… (Writer’s Digest Poem A Day Challenge- Day 29)



The final Two-for-Tuesday prompt for this month is:
Write a realism poem. A poem that is rooted in the real world. Or…
Write a magical poem. A poem that incorporates magical or fantastical elements.

Rising to greet
The dreams in his mind
Awakening him from slumber

Asleep or awake
Tantamount realities
Draped in fantasy’s luster

Mysteries unfolding slowly
Eyes half opened and
Peering into enchantment

Novel surroundings
Created in his mind
Appear in connecting fragments

Weaving yesterday’s remembrances
With futuristic anticipations
He’s lifted to woven plains

Where blank pages lie
To offer up spaces
For forethoughts and remains

©E.D. Allee
April, 2014



She Believes In Unicorns…




Some say they live in myths alone, only in foolish fantasies do they dwell

Yet they exist so strongly in a child’s dreams and heart- that, belief alone, makes them real


She’s ventured far off, into a beautiful forest with descending leaves of gold, orange, and red

Oblivious to peril, her curious and adventurous heart followed the sounds of water ahead

Desiring to touch the cool waters, faster and deeper into the cumbersome woods she strayed

With the perceived comfort and safety her teddy-bear companion consistently gave


She encountered fallen trees, and playfully dodged downed limbs and rocks

Yet the suns’ quick fade escaped her recognition, and she unknowingly became lost

She was delighted upon arrival… the stream was everything she imagined, fast flowing, clear, and serene

And straight away she unleashed her toes and surrendered them to the stream


Although she was clothed for falls’ brisk air, with a jacket to keep her warm

The surrounding chill began to reveal itself in fury; shadows quickly outran the reach of the sun

The forest was still somewhat illuminated; the diminishing daylight was masked by the tall trees

So she naively held no fear within her heart that darkness soon would be


Throwing stones as big as her small hands, hearing the hollow clunk and delighting in each splash

She felt so much joy and contentment, while in perilous solitude she continued to laugh

Then as if in an instant, darkness consumed the shelter of day

And fear began to invade her once safe youthful play


She looked around in all directions; she knew not which way to go

Frantically she tried to maneuver the wooded maze crying out in search of home

Yet no one could hear her cries, as she was deep in the forests’ core

She was weary and fell to rest upon the foot of a majestic oak beneath the stars


Suddenly she heard a sound, frightening and unfamiliar

She opened her eyes and lifted her head to see a large, obscure figure

It looked just like a horse at first, but it was surrounded by light, and had a horn

Could this be, she thought to herself, my own fairy tale unicorn?


She stood up tall and unafraid with outstretched hands toward this beautiful being

And when she touched it, she knew a warmth and peace of which she’d never dreamed

The unicorn gently settled to the ground and invited her to follow

And that little girl curled up close, and stayed warm until morrow


She fell into a restful sleep enveloped by safety, with uninterrupted dreams of beauty, and love

Once she awoke, the unicorn was gone, but never the memory of


After a panicked search her parents found her alive and well

And she could not contain her delight as she shared her enchanted tale

Met with disbelief she nourished her gifted secret within her heart

Her hands touched faith manifested that night, and with that touch doubt fell apart


Angels, unicorns and the like were more than just characters in stories she was read

Confined no more to pages, they activated a child-like belief she’d hold forever in her stead

Beings described as myths, fantasies known only in dreams and stories

Came alive in vivid brilliance the night she was lost in that forest


No one could prompt her to lose faith in things unseen

She knew the hope of realized imagination; she knew the wakened dream

They were as real as the sky was blue and as warm as the flaming sun

And to this day, all grown up… she still believes in unicorns…


©E.D. Allee

February 28, 2012

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