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Coveted Lucidity…


Lucidity, the coveted state,
When my thoughts are translucent.
In rhythmic waves they blend harmonically,
Tasked to envelop, merge, and fit.

Lines of sensical utterances,
Finding unity with understanding.
Gaining shelter among surrounding ears,
Who are, or are not, listening.

Fleeting lucidity, what will make you stay?
I need you to please be still.
While I attempt to comprehend,
How to hone your magic at will!

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014



Highlight The Right…


Disquieted mind
Overcome by confusion
Angst-filled cognition

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014

Art: Mine, back in 1998 (pretty crazy time in my life)

I am totally inept when it comes to drawing or painting- I typically express art by “honing and highlighting” what’s available around me- photography and poetry etc. I drew this with a black ink pen. When I started looking at it, (mind you, a psychiatrist or anyone with eyes to see could have a field day analyzing it)… Looks like a brain (I honestly don’t remember drawing that consciously). I noticed the eye on the left, and since the occipital lobe is in the

back if the head – this made me look at the visible part I drew here as the right hemisphere of the brain- which is credited with much of the creativity we have. So kind of like this is representative of my right brain… Just interesting to me. Now RUN! LOL. I don’t, for a second, claim normalcy!


Head In The Sand…


I often push away difficult thoughts,
When those very thoughts I should ponder.
The idea of considering the uncomfortable,
Activates my mind’s impulse, to escape and wander.

I keep busy with distracting pursuits,
Ones demanding concentration.
Or ones which simply entertain,
Offering menial stimulation.

Similar to a leak in a roof,
Problems don’t disappear if ignored.
Eventually my choice is to deal with them,
Or drown in the pool on the floor.

Avoidance is dangerously appealing.
I’ve employed habitual denial for so long.
These methods haven’t served me well,
I need: a New voice, New rhymes, New lyrics, and New songs!

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014



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