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Terror’s Stain…

Where were you that day?
When towers strong, fell
To broken rubble?
When dormant awareness of terror,
Anchored itself in full force,
To unsuspecting minds?
To unprepared hearts?

Where were you that day?
As the roar of evil,
Penetrated the world’s consciousness
Through the many cries
And frightened stares
Of those who could not,
Or those who would not,
Believe such an abhorrent truth to be real?

Where are you now?
Years later?
Protected by security codes,
Yellow, orange, red?
Do you hug your loved ones tighter?
Are your eyes open wider?
Did the violent few birth enhanced fear,
Which diminishes through denial
Amidst a busy year?

I remember where I was.
I know where I am.
I hug my loved ones tighter
With eyes open wider
Among many cries
And frightened stares
Of those who cannot,
Or those who will not,
Believe such an abhorrent truth to be real…

©E.D. Allee
September, 2014

I Remember…

Everything Goes By...

Do you not remember, the last time we met,
When we sat and talked for hours?
Speaking our hearts unspokens,
Our views of the world becoming profounder.

Do you not remember our last embrace,
Godly energies exchanged?
Spirit to spirit, soul to soul,
An intimate interchange?

I do.

I long to know your embrace once more.
I long to meet with you again.
My heart needs to reconnect.
To revive the place I reserved for you within.

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Pic credit: http://theobviousandhidden.com/gallery/#jp-carousel-303

Picture from a blog I devotedly stalk! Can check out the blog with a groovy gallery at above link! 

Nostalgia’s Power…


Nostalgia’s power

Emotions ignited upon remembering

Returning to a time or place

In a state of wakeful dreaming

Sights and sounds are reborn

Smells enhance the memories

In the living color that engulfs

Our personal histories

Fondness, sorrow, peace, regret

Sometimes it’s difficult to linger

In the longing that we know

While revisiting dusty mirrors

At times tears are born of pain

At others they are born of joy

There is recognition that much has changed

Just below all the accepted noise

Whispers of what once was

Shouts of what may have been if

Bittersweet representations

In the form of curse or gift…

©E.D. Allee

November 2013



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