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Above The Weather…


Under the weather,

Seeking to ascend.

Into the silken blue,

Where infirmity ends.

Chicken soup and love,

Lots of rest and drink.

Transport me to the land of healing,

Above the weather I wish to be.

©2017 Elizabeth Dianne Allee

Photo credit: http://www.onepoll.com/men-call-in-sick-sooner-than-women-when-suffering-a-coldflu/

Ivory Connection…


Stairway from heaven,
Upon ivory keys.
Delivering healing notes,
To a world in need.

Awaiting human touch,
A heavenly connection.
Access to God’s presence,
And His melodious perfection.

Stairway to heaven,
Upon ivory keys.
A fluid stream where spirit dances,
And soul receives.

Enveloped by Gods love in harmony,
With the hurting under oppression.
A concerto with angelic orchestra,
Creating sound which defies comprehension…

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Image: http://sagrisingx.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/digital-fantasy-art-wallpaper-1680×1050-10050141.jpg


Transformative Love… (Haiku)


Transformative love.
Untamed metamorphosis.
Healing wounded hearts.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Pic: http://meganneforbes.com/spirit-gallery/transformationl/


Lucid Journey…


So many questions I ask now

I’ve never really seriously pondered them

I can see a future with me in it

One without a tragic end

It’s okay to dream now

Life isn’t the nightmare anymore

I’ve been awakened from my slumber

Upon opening my eyes, I look forward to what’s in store

I’m not sure what I will experience

On this uncertain, exciting journey

On my path of growth in the light

Revealing who God created me to be

How much will I truly see of what I’m shown

How much will I learn of what I am taught

Will I seek after the things I should

Will I be teachable and find that which is sought

Will I close my eyes and cower

Will I want to run and hide

Will I act with courage and strength

Not allowing hope or faith to die

How many times will I fall down

Will I get back up with ease

Will my steps be counted and small

Or will there be many triumphant leaps

How many doors will I open

Only to find disappointment

And what of the doors

Filled with joy and contentment

Will I keep trying to remain in what’s past

Holding on to what can’t be changed

Will I find peace with “right now”

Not living in a future I try to arrange

What people will l know along the way

Will love shine through in how I live

Will I have been a blessing to others

With compassion and a heart to give

I’m excited to discover living

Now that I’m lucid on my journey

Things will unfold one moment at a time

Wherever life takes me, I now know I am free

 ©E.D. Allee

 November 2013

Photo: By dan, published on 06 December 2010

Stock Photo – image ID: 10023853, freedigitalphotos.net

Depression: Different Now…


I revisit her sometimes

She is different now
The power she had over me
Is not as strong now
It’s visitation, we know we will part ways
She is different now
Even her darkness seems faded
Perhaps my eyes are different now
Her solid form has transformed into smoke
She is different now
She seems lonelier than I ever felt
I guess she misses me now
She seems harmless and vulnerable, yet she’s beguiling
She is different now
We almost left this world hand in hand
I won’t hold her hand now
Her life force, that which takes lives, has dimmed
She is different now
We danced together in slow circles of shadows
She dances alone now
I feel a sadness for her
She is different now
The darkness
The desire to die
The lack of hope
No strength to try
The destructive coping
Peace with having no peace
Belief in the oppressive lies
She once told me
She is different now…
I am different now…



 ©E.D. Allee

 October 2013

Inspired By Acoustic…


The music sounds so sweet; it touches my very soul

Although I’m incomplete, for a moment I feel whole

Tears emerge unconsciously, as a calm sadness fills my heart

A peaceful sorrow which helps to reveal one of many parts


Each note is separate and clear, united in broken connectivity

It’s as if each strum is given breath specifically for me

The void I strive so hard to fill, is no longer in want for a time

The effect will be short-lived, but in this moment I’m lost in the sustenance I find


I’ve identified the hurting, and am starting to understand the depth of once hidden pain

I consider its origins, seeking freedom from its typically unquestioned reign

Why am I so afraid to feel; why so scared to think?

Even though I believe I can float, I continually choose to sink


I understand it’s time to address the pain; continuing to run equates to death

Spiritual, physical or both – not a toss-up, either way no “me” will be left

I carry a bag, dark and heavy, adding to the contents daily

I am losing the strength to go on; hope dissipates at a rapid rate and I am growing weary


Harmonic chords have faded, and I’m left sitting still and alone on my island

Surrounded by the silence of a world screaming for me to let it in

Temporary peace serves to renew strength depleted with each breath

Acoustic inspiration has imparted healing, if only for the moment

I wrote this during, what would be my “first” inpatient hospitalization to detox from drugs/alcohol.  I was twenty-six at the time (38 now) and, while I was quite the little poly-substance abuser, I was coming off cocaine and alcohol primarily.  Was a very scary time- my long-time “companions” were being ripped from me. Note: was clean from the coke for ten years with one three day relapse in 2011. Since then- so far so good!

There was a man who came to the unit and played beautiful music on his acoustic guitar- it touched my soul so deeply. In the sterile and unfamiliar environment filled with the violence of detox, I found myself desiring to swim in the notes, surrounded by their warm embrace forever… The experience has stuck with me over the years.  I was learning, however painfully bleak my poem was, about non-chemical origins of peace and beauty. God’s given me many more selections since then! 

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