Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Words Unspoken…


Sometimes things better left unsaid,

Aren’t better left unsaid, at all.

Many elephants in the room have been born

Who never see their fall.

Fear moves us not to move.

Denial holds us in place.

Avoidance solidifies comfort,

At least for the moments’ sake.

But what of the next moment,

And the moment following that one?

As with words said, can one’s unspoken

Ever be undone?

We are deceived to think the words died

With the lack of our attention.

For me I’ve found, most often,

They just lead to internal contention…

©E.D. Allee
 January, 2014

Comments on: "Words Unspoken…" (11)

  1. “Fear moves us not to move”: Just wonderful. I loved reading this poem. A very nice post. Great ideas here.

  2. Great Verse, my Friend 🙂 I’ve been in a room crowded with elephants,…its not fun (and I love elephants!)

  3. excellent, love the picture

  4. verbnflow said:

    I love this. Great resonating lines.

  5. Awesome message in the embracing words of your poem! Your words share much wisdom. Thanks for sharing this gem!

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