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You’ll Never Be Lonely…

I wrote this around age 15 for my brother who bravely joined the Navy during Desert Storm. We are lucky neither of us are significantly maimed the way we fought! But we always loved each other very much!!! He is back and has a beautiful family!!


Do you ever get lonely and look in the sky
And pick out a star that’s way up high
And on it you make one single request
And leave it up to God to do the rest
You’ll never be lonely when you wish on a star
Because someone is wishing on it at the same time you are
Think of someone you love when you look in the sky
And pick out a star that catches your eye
Make a wish known only by you.
And someone out there will make the same wish too……

©E.D. Allee

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Insignificantly Significant…


Seemingly insignificant,
A weed to some.
A reoccurring nuisance,
In a garden, overrun.

But when I look, I see,
Within a simplistic form.
Beauty meek, yet strong,
Not the forgotten or forlorn.

Bursts of sunshine,
Awaiting their transformation.
Into childhood wishes,
Upon the breath of hope’s cultivation.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Image: ©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Wishes In The Wind…

How many a childhood wish was made,
Upon your airy seeds?
Dome of softness obeying the breath,
Blown to set it free.

How many a moment of stillness,
Have you been party to?
When the world slows rotations,
And dreams gather for their debut.

How many a dawn have you witnessed,
At God’s suspension of the night?
How many raindrops have you felt?
How many tears have seen cried?

Dandelion, unassuming and lovely,
A symbol of faith’s releasing.
A microphone speaking into hope,
Encourager of believing…

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

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Broken Telescope…


A pipe dream is better,
Than no dream at all.
Who am I to determine,
What is or isn’t possible?

Perhaps the fanciful dream,
Was planted by God.
Faith the requirement,
But limited expectations bar.

Some choose not to dream,
As to avoid disappointment.
But the light a dream holds,
Can illuminate our voyage.

I’ve shot down many a pipe dream,
Refusing what I saw as false hope.
But I realize now with reflective eyes,
I’ve always had a broken telescope.

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

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In Your Eyes…


In your eyes I see,
A light which outshines the sun.
I see laughter and a playful spirit,
And many beautiful songs yet sung.

I see strength for life’s challenges,
And hope for the future.
I see a heart impenetrable by darkness,
And intentions good and pure.

I see dreams untamed,
Wishes upon fields of dandelions.
I see intelligence surpassing average,
And poetic stories filled with rhyme.

Natural gifts and talents,
Creativity and artistic desire,
A fighter for self-expression,
A life-force on fire.

I see a star filled sky,
With your own constellations.
Open canvases awaiting your brush strokes,
A multitude of colors to paint your aspirations.

I see so much within your eyes;
All you need be is you.
I’ll love you forever,
I pray you see what I see too…

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Dedicated to my step daughter, nieces, and nephew… With LOVE from Aunt “E”



Aim for the stars
And pull back your bow
One arrow, one shot
With confidence, let go
Wishes made
Wishes that came true
May never have been wished at all
If not wished by you
Dreams aren’t just for night
The stars are present always
Behind the lids of longing eyes
They find renewal in each day
There are stars made just for you
Set your aim on things above
Capture the dreams within your heart
And live them out in love
©E.D. Allee

October 22, 2013

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