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Desert Tortoise “Hope”

What seemed like endless searching,

Motion-filled hours staring at the ground.

Hot sun barreling down upon us,

Wind and dust stirring all around.

Each four-wheeling excursion,

We envisioned finding you.

Among an expanse of rocks, dirt and brush,

Seemed impossible, but we knew!

And there you were, at summers end,

Inching slowly on your way.

Rugged, beautiful, healthy,

You were so very worth the wait!

Just to see you up close,

Your sharp claws grasping the earth.

What a gift God gave us that day,

Our little desert tortoise named “Hope”

©Elizabeth Dianne Allee


The words are cresting,
Like waves upon pacific shorelines.
Fluid expression uncontainable,
Like cascading waterfalls from melted ice.

The taste upon my finger tips.
The flavor of my working mind.
Pursues escape with fury,
Destination, poetic rhyme.

Inspiration, dwelling high on snowy peaks,
Trickling down as an avalanche.
Randomly descending, with focus and control,
Upon a once barren canvas…

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Inspired by conversation with my “blog buddy”.
Check him out here: http://jmc813.wordpress.com/


Her Poet…


She dreams in illuminated rhyme…
Words woven together in a rhythmic flow
Of unrestrained artistic expression.
The words that give her heart its beat,
And preclude her lungs from caving in.
She’s warmed by the gentle intensity in his eyes,
Drowning in their unspoken promises.
An inescapable desire draws her to him,
As he edits her story to unite it with his.

Their connected love language is lyrically branded,
She craves the caress of his every utterance.
A love affair of poetic proportions,
Inspiring harmonic transcendence.

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014

Picture: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Poetic-Inanities-278322550

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