Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

I Hear You-Hear ME…

sunset for background picmonkey

What lessons for today do you wish for me to know?
Will my eyes open, or will they remain closed?

Listen You say to Your quiet voice as it speaks.

I speak to you in many forms, and desire for you to hear Me
I reveal myself all day long, hoping you will see Me

Watch for the gifts I bring you; I delight in granting the desires of your heart
Pay attention during trials; I want you to grow from the lessons they impart
Connect with the people I allow to enter into your life
Seek My guidance when times are good, as well as in times of strife

A wasted day, a moment gone, more than simply light has come and past
Until you learn what I teach, the void will surely last
Grace and love abound within My arms, let me comfort you
Surrender to Me, Your loving Father, for I know what to do

You need not struggle all alone, when I am here to help in healing
Pain you’ve known my child whom I love, give those hurts to Me
Each wound, each scar, each sorrow filled tear, I’ve felt within my own heart
Turn from darkness into My light, with Me you can experience a new start

What you seek to mask the pain will only cause more tears
I’ve tried revealing this lesson to you My child all throughout the years
Don’t look away from Me in shame, fearful of rejection and wrath
My heart only knows love for you and wants to see you choose the right path

Choose Me the Father, and I’ll carry you, I return the stray to My flock
If you turn away from Me and towards man- you’ll stumble when you walk

Father God my maker and keeper hold onto me I pray
For I do wish to surrender and walk in Your holy ways
Yet my teacher has been man and I still live in this flesh
Serenity you offer me when I know I deserve much less
Keep me safe from Satan’s grasp and hold strong to me in this life
Help me truly know and trust You; let me no longer seek to hide Help me see what You wish me to see, and hear what You wish me to hear
I desire to understand the wisdom You allow; I seek faith in place of fear
Break the stronghold the enemy has on me, keeping me safe from his grasp

Preserve me in Your light when I reach for the false protection offered by dark
And continue to make me new through Your love, forever abide in my heart

©E.D. Allee
pic: my collection

June 12, 2001


Comments on: "I Hear You-Hear ME…" (2)

  1. A beautiful message, beautifully written. ~ Dennis

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