Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

kitty collage 2

After some time and healing from the loss of our cat of fourteen years

We went to choose new babies to help wipe away the hurt and tears

Off to the Tampa’s SPCA we went, in search of a love reborn

Unaware of the gifts we’d be given in the likes of two feline forms


I chose from a cage of five black and white kittens a boy we call Halo

And my husband selected a girl from a small cage she occupied solo

While filling out the paperwork for adoption we came upon a great surprise

These two kittens, cages and rooms apart, were brother and sister… no lie!

How that happened we cannot know for sure

But I suspect God was working when He gave us our baby boy and baby girl


We call little girl Serenity and that title fits her well

She is a little clumsy but soft and gentle with slight rings around her tail

Halo… can’t quite say the same – he likes to test the waters

But how could we expect him to live up to his “saintly” name; we love him even when he falters


Little girl gives kisses nose to nose and purrs long and loud

Halo will jump up on our shoulders to be carried as a baby, leaping straight from the ground

They often sleep together in a yin-yang position- they’ve been that way from their start

One without the other would be an incomplete circle, it’s like they share one heart


We cannot have children, so these kitties mean so much

They fill us with joy and contentment, I ‘m sure it was they who found us

A blessed adoption of two “street cats” needing a home, someone to love, and love them in return

Halo and Serenity fill us with the happiness for which we so eagerly yearned


Thank You God for allowing our paths to merge, what blessing we know together

And continue to fill our house with love, as jointly we live out our endeavors


©E.D. Allee

September 5, 2013


Comments on: "Story of Two “Street Cats”…" (2)

  1. Our kitten found us. Meowed outside our window… who knows why she chose our house…lol. Now she saunters around as if she owned the place… she does in my husband’s eyes… . I begged him to let her come in and he called me and told me he’d fed her and to bring home kitten food… It was so funny. He said he’d pulled his big truck out of the driveway and couldn’t bear to leave this little kitten meowing in the emptry driveway so pulled back in and fed her. THAT was about seven years ago! lol.

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