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I see God…

In a sunset, fiery red and orange,

Or the perfection of a child newly born.

In the colorful array of a peacocks’ plumes,

Or the simplistic beauty of wild daisies in bloom.

In the delicate dance of the butterfly,

Or the majestic eagle ascending a deep cobalt sky.

I see God…


In the laughter-induced smiles of children at play,

Or the fresh smell of newly fallen rain.

In a rose’s velvet touch and perfumed scent,

Or the compassion and kindness of a loving friend.

In the cool flowing waters that tail winters’ frost,

Or the gift of hope when once all was lost.

I see God…


In the autumn leaves blanketing the hillsides,

Or the tearful hellos after long good-byes.

In the serendipitous moment of epiphany,

Or loves’ role in the quickening heartbeat.

In the cool breeze upon a contemplative face,

Or the expansive glory of outer space.

I see God…


In a rainbow’s appearance after a storm,

Or strength gained from trials overcome.

In the melodic hymns sung by the birds,

Or the gathering together of gifted words.

In the mountain silhouettes accompanying dawn or setting sun,

Or the flowering cactus among the dry beige and barren.

I see God…


I could fill endless pages with the beauty that is He,

Amidst antagonistic scribed evidence of dark negativity.

Pain and fear are played like anthems in this world,

The lines of good and evil get blurred.

Accepting the blindfolds offered by darkness,

Keeps us from the amazing; joy and renewal are missed.

If we seek, on purpose, the inspiring wonder,

Evidence of God’s goodness will be discovered.


©E.D. Allee

January, 2014



The Song That Is You…


I wake filled with joy and contentment these days

My heart strums a melodic tune

The song is so familiar

It is the song that is You


You dwell in this bluebird on my shoulder

In the rain upon a tin roof

In the crickets cries in the dark of night

In the crashing waves controlled by Your moon


Every sound of beauty

The notes woven by your creative loom

Ignites a flame of emotions

With Your sweet fragrance, my heart is abloom


I once wondered, perplexed, about the dawning of the music within

It’s prior scarceness made me question if it was true

While puzzled, I was grateful

I thanked You daily for the happiness I knew

And now I see, with eyes opened wide

It is, and always has been…the song that is You…

©E.D. Allee
November 2013






To Trust, To Fight, To Hold On… Let Go


There’s so much I don’t understand
Answers, explanations I’m not privy to
I try to apply my human logic alone
When deciding what to do
I go with what “feels” right
What makes the most sense
I follow the advice of others
Choose the path of least resistance
I’m not fond of suffering
I feel at times the sacrifice is too great
It’s so hard to be hopeful
And patiently wait

When all within me is crying out
This is much too hard!
I have to believe God knows what’s best
And trust He holds my heart
I know my vision stretches
Only as far as the moment
If I could see what He sees
It would be easy to be obedient
I trust God’s word
And, though I fall short, I try to follow His path
I know the answers are available
And His promises are mine to be had
Yet I’m in this fleshly shell
Which tries to subdue my spirit
Appealing to my selfish and self-centered side
Encouraging me to quit

I will never be perfect
Yet always I will strive
I’ve attempted to live my way
And now I want a better life
I know trials will come
I’ll be tested so that I may grow
And I pray for the strength I need
To simply let go…
©E.D. Allee
November 2013




The Spirit Within…


“God shots” often arise from seemingly nowhere

Imparting enlightenment if I’m open to receive them

Meant to instruct, guide, and empower

They take my breath away time and again

When in pause, I can recall many times

I’ve received these serendipitous gifts of hope

Reminders that God’s working in my life

I know I’m not alone

I do believe we find that for which we seek

I’m grateful I seek after a loving God

And that He reveals Himself to me

The Holy Spirit within

Fills me with love and light

There’s a still, small voice I detect

Leading me through this life

Amazing wonders I’ve known

I discount the notion of coincidence

Pieces are connected from my past to today

I follow crumbs laid to lead me in each step

God’s growing me up

Teaching me what He wishes me to know

I’m looking, I’m listening

I’m thirsty for spiritual growth

My active addictions blotted out

The sunlight of The Spirit

Like dark, stationary clouds

Creating a divide and distance

God was always there

He never left my side

But I felt I couldn’t look at Him

And tried in vain to hide

I see my life now

How far I’ve come from where I’ve been

I’m less regretful of the past

I’ve gained much knowledge from the many lessons

I ask myself today

If I wished things had been different

And strange as it seems for me to say

I’m grateful for the experiences that contributed to who I am

And I am grateful to my loving God, for never letting go of my hand…

 ©E.D. Allee

 November 2013


God’s Skipping Stone…


God skipped a stone in the skies today

I witnessed its slow and stubborn fade

Soft and white were its remnants

Evenly spaced celestial accents

Time appeared to be suspended

By the smooth blue surface which held it captive

The sun retreated to make room for night

And sprayed the stones’ path with colorful light

I imagine God smiled, pleased with His fruitful throw

Sharing His delight with All underneath the “living” water He’s bestowed


©E.D. Allee

October 1, 2013

You… (First attempt at a Villanelle)

This poem was inspired by a fellow blogger who posted their villanelle with detailed instructions on the process. Good samples, along with some impressive general poems reside there.  I have a lot to learn about more formal poetry styles, and I’m learning from so many wonderful blogs.  Thanks “Cubby” – link to blog:  http://reowr.wordpress.com/


I don’t want to know life without You

You are light and hope in darkness

Your love I will forever pursue


It has always been me who withdrew

Yet You loved me still despite this

I don’t want to know life without You


I wish that everybody knew

Your shared gifts of love and solace

Your love I will forever pursue


The shackles of past pains You undo

Freedom is known in Your promise

I don’t want to know life without You


I believe that what You say is true

And Your strength I wish to harness

Your love I will forever pursue


I trust that You will see me through

My heart You constantly renew

I don’t want to know life without You

Your love I will forever pursue


©E.D. Allee

September 25, 2013


On My Tombstone…



I’d like to change my tombstone up,

Scratch off items that no longer apply

I never gave much thought to it before

I once welcomed the day I would die

Words etched in stone, I avoided considering

I cared not about the how or why

I want an altered, accurate truth to prevail

Not cemented, false lies


Here lies Elizabeth,

She lived and died with careless fury

She lived a life of self-destruction

And died prematurely

Drink and drugs inside her, among broken glass

A victim of a tragic story

Suicide by overdose,

Plagued by deaths vainglory


Considering what I want now,

Upon my stone grave

Words, once accurate, have faded into obscurity

I now think about my life, and death, in a new way


Here lies Elizabeth

Surrounded by the light she knew while she lived

She spread joy and love

To a world in desperate need of it

She sought to exist on a selfless plane

To other’s needs she did commit

She succeeded at her endeavors

Holding strong to God’s offered relationship


With grace she caressed her time on earth

With an unbound spirit she was free

She walked among the swaying wild flowers

And upon the raging sea

Mountains were as stepping stones

And she could rise above the trees

She knew the joy of living

Despite no guarantees

Fear could not contain her heart

Anger was simply an idiosyncrasy


We know not the arrival or method of our demise

We should not choose our own passing

But we can aspire to live in a way

Which brings glory everlasting

What will be on your tombstone

When your earthly body fades to gray?

Will your tombstone reflect light

Or will darkness and sorrow, cement convey?


I would love to take credit for this inspired idea. However, I give credit to a leader in a treatment program I was in.  He gave a lecture about scratching off items we don’t want on our tombstones.  I was strongly moved.  My unrealized tombstone was pretty ugly.  I’m on the side of “living” now.  I’m experiencing what life has to offer-clear-minded.  And, God willing, a happier display will be etched in the stone marker assigned my earthly body.  Changing up the tombstone baby!


©E.D. Allee

September 17, 2013

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