Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Enchanted Solitude…

sun thru crop 1 pic monkey

Alone in a peaceful forest she resides with her dreams

Lending ear to the gentle music of a nearby stream

An armful of untamed flowers she grasps against her chest

With the look of honest serenity, for which she has been blessed

All of her senses are heightened by her directed concentration

Loyal, and loving she offers nature its appropriate devotion

She reveals her feet to feel the silken earth between her toes

And closes her eyes to reflect upon the beauty she’s permitted know

The illuminating sun draped on the horizon is glittering pink and gold splendor

And the wayward breeze seeks to discover and comfort her

The distinguished trees dance with delight and contentment

And the birds grace God’s tranquil canvas with harmonious accents

The peaceful day is too rapidly descending

Bringing on the night in joyous envy

Stars, like reflections of angels on earth, soon will shine bright

Ever so proudly revealing the beauty of night

Loyal to a beauty she will never take for granted

Escaping, when able, to God’s world of enchantment

In her mind she will reside in this place and await a new day

With hopeful new horizons soon on their way…

©E.D. Allee
1993, recently revised
pic: my collection

Comments on: "Enchanted Solitude…" (2)

  1. I remember this one. Always one of my favorites, so pleasingly visual.

    • Hey sweet lady! This was a “back in dayer” for sure! You would have been… wait for it… 13 years old– yikes! Thanks for being such a loyal fan all these years! I love you much!

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