Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

I Remember…

Everything Goes By...

Do you not remember, the last time we met,
When we sat and talked for hours?
Speaking our hearts unspokens,
Our views of the world becoming profounder.

Do you not remember our last embrace,
Godly energies exchanged?
Spirit to spirit, soul to soul,
An intimate interchange?

I do.

I long to know your embrace once more.
I long to meet with you again.
My heart needs to reconnect.
To revive the place I reserved for you within.

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

Pic credit: http://theobviousandhidden.com/gallery/#jp-carousel-303

Picture from a blog I devotedly stalk! Can check out the blog with a groovy gallery at above link! 


Comments on: "I Remember…" (14)

  1. Very nice poem, and photo–I may check out the link.

    • Thanks. I’m calling the writing of this poem a “strange event”. I can’t apply the words to any one person… Like it applies to many people, past and present, as one?? Came out with fury and I felt a strong urgency to post it quickly! Just not for me evidently! Glad you liked it- I value your opinion and feedback sweets! Hope you are well!

      Sent from my iPad


      • Strange events are often a good thing. I have a few poems that I have no idea who was typing or (old school) holding the pen. Usually I look at those and say WOW that is awesome WHO THE HELL WROTE THAT????? LOL. Hope all is well for you Vegas E.

  2. I really like the message in the poem…there is a wanting soothing embrace within…beautifully done E!

  3. There is something about your writing that is curved. Whether in faith or longing, it grabs me because it’s beautifully genuine. Wishing you a wonderful day, lovely.

    • Thanks sweetheart. Perhaps you’re detecting the same honesty for which you employ in your writings. Your expressions captivate me, raw and genuine. A reflection of your hearts beauty. I’m glad you connect with my poems. Wonderful day to you too!!!

  4. such longing! i hope they meet again 🙂

  5. Beautiful poem E, with a special enchanting embrace! Nicely written and the image is very nice!

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