Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

Terror’s Stain…

Where were you that day?
When towers strong, fell
To broken rubble?
When dormant awareness of terror,
Anchored itself in full force,
To unsuspecting minds?
To unprepared hearts?

Where were you that day?
As the roar of evil,
Penetrated the world’s consciousness
Through the many cries
And frightened stares
Of those who could not,
Or those who would not,
Believe such an abhorrent truth to be real?

Where are you now?
Years later?
Protected by security codes,
Yellow, orange, red?
Do you hug your loved ones tighter?
Are your eyes open wider?
Did the violent few birth enhanced fear,
Which diminishes through denial
Amidst a busy year?

I remember where I was.
I know where I am.
I hug my loved ones tighter
With eyes open wider
Among many cries
And frightened stares
Of those who cannot,
Or those who will not,
Believe such an abhorrent truth to be real…

©E.D. Allee
September, 2014

Comments on: "Terror’s Stain…" (8)

  1. I really liked your poem, on that morning I remember I wrote poems, while viewing. I have to look them up and see if i can find one of them to submit. Yours is so nice…hugs to you my sister.

    • I’d like to read them, so hope ya find them. Ty and hugs back!

      • I shared ‘Until We Meet Again’, on 9/11, but here are two more I found…

        The Falling (9-11-01)

        I saw the evil done to you
        But my children dry your eyes
        Know that no matter the calamity
        I am always by your side

        And as you each march off to war
        My children do not be afraid
        For I will be your inner light
        I will be your true life of days

        Do not feel bad when you dispatch evil
        For war is an ugly job to do
        But with everyone you cast away
        More beautiful the world becomes as you do

        So walk in my light and understand
        That I have chosen you my children this day
        To come face to face with evil
        Erasing their essence in every way.

        Wendell A. Brown

        My Flowers (9/11)

        Where have all our flowers gone
        Different, but perfect in their own way
        Where did all our flowers go
        Why did evil take them away

        Where have all our young flowers gone
        Oh Lord, we miss them in so many ways
        Even though I know that while they have left
        Still more grow like them with each passing day

        Where have all our love ones gone
        Though it may seem they’re far away
        The jewels of our lives do still lie near
        For in our hearts their smiles alwaysl stay

        And though I weep for everyone of them
        In each, a hero’s face will I always see
        As I see the Lord embrace them all
        I know my love ones are now so free

        Wendell A. Brown

      • Glad you found those. Thanks for sharing them. I’m still so amazed by the endless creativity and varied perspectives God inspires within humanity. Great work!

  2. WOW! That’s beautiful. I’m reblogging this.

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