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 With Sway… by

Life’s path, shaky.
Edges contort with uncertainty.
Mistaking vertigo for safety,
Due to its familiarity.

One step at a time, mere cliche.
Each step is taken with sway,
Time is set on perpetual replay.
No forward progression, continual delay.

Eyes half open for fear of the truth.
Masked reality with everything to prove.
Lucid while dreaming, collecting real wounds.
Questioning the concept of being bulletproof.

 ©2017 elizabeth dianne allee

Coveted Lucidity…


Lucidity, the coveted state,
When my thoughts are translucent.
In rhythmic waves they blend harmonically,
Tasked to envelop, merge, and fit.

Lines of sensical utterances,
Finding unity with understanding.
Gaining shelter among surrounding ears,
Who are, or are not, listening.

Fleeting lucidity, what will make you stay?
I need you to please be still.
While I attempt to comprehend,
How to hone your magic at will!

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014



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