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Valentine’s Day 2020: Post “I do”…


Our SOULS danced, with birds-eye view, 

Above ONE WHOLE, once Lost as Two.

Spectators to love ENHANCED and RENEWED,

Agape-embraced Eros is TESTED and TRUE.


Written by: elizabeth dianne allee



But will He for you?

Belief hasn’t been an issue.

I’ve seen enough of the unseen to know.

Faith that You CAN? You are Amazing God!

Those seeds of doubt I did not sew.

I surveyed my own worth,

And that’s where it began…




A sinister meditation,

With one implication,

Through constant replication,

Filled with guilt and condemnation,

Straining air and circulation,

If only I hadn’t listened,

I’d of held my position,

There’d have been no competition,

For my time and attention,

Communion, each days’ intention,

With The God of all creation,

Not a spiritual vacation,

Standing on my power- an illusion,

Lacking faith, hope or vision…

Thanks for holding on when I didn’t,

I’ve missed Your presence, Your Power,

It could have been different… perhaps,

If I hadn’t drifted so long.

Not remembering WHO You ARE,

Or who i am, because of the Cross.


My heart is once again open,

Scales have fallen from my eyes.

I seek to follow You closely,

And live in Your grace-filled  light…


I pray You help me,

In Jesus’ name, Amen

Written by: elizabeth dianne allee



Merry Christmas- Haiku Style

The savior was born
We celebrate His great birth
Christmas and always

Little hearts delight
Joyous dreams all through the night
Christmas has arrived

A star in the east
Guiding light on journey far
Jesus, the prize found

There’s uncommon peace
A stillness upon the earth
The eve of Christmas

The Savior was born
The son of God became man
Love came in flesh

Hope was born to all
To save lost and hurting souls
From satan’s power

Now that Christ has come
Let us rejoice and be glad
Grace is abounding

©E.D. Allee
December 2013


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