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Above The Weather…

Under the weather,

Seeking to ascend.

Into the silken blue,

Where infirmity ends.

Chicken soup and love,

Lots of rest and drink.

Transport me to the land of healing,

Above the weather I wish to be.

©2017 Elizabeth Dianne Allee

Photo credit: http://www.onepoll.com/men-call-in-sick-sooner-than-women-when-suffering-a-coldflu/

Virga In The Valley…

It’s raining in the sky,
No hopes of touching ground.
Virga in the valley,
Sight without sound.

Beautiful, mysterious darkness,
A mass collection of gray.
Is there a longing to to connect,
Or a desire to stay away?

Virga in the valley,
I see beginning, and I see end.
It’s raining in the sky ,
Strands of water, limited.

©E.D. Allee
October, 2015

Ending Love’s Drought… Writer’s Digest Poem a Day Challenge. Prompt: weather


Several refrains of love’s drought,
Only a small spark required.
To ignite a once dormant heart,
Causing an eruption of passion’s fire.

A cyclone captures two wanting souls,
Destroying anything in its path.
Transporting the now one,
Into unknown future forecasts.

Drowning in a flood meant to douse,
Clinging to fallen victims of the wind.
Downed branches keeping your heads above water,
Carrying you both to safety’s bridge.

A clear sky now emerges, stable atmosphere.
A gentle breeze replaces the fury.
The drought is finished and all is refreshed,
Hope tomorrow’s elements also translate to glory!

©E.D. Allee
April, 2014

Images: http://www.ecards-passion.net/EN/pages/the-other-5-elements-2.htm


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