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Dedicated to My Mom and Sister. Unconditional…

Un-cried tears in silence.
Prayers on bended knees.
Wakeful moments in the dark,
Preceding interrupted sleep.

Arms wrapped around me,
Reluctant to let me go.
Watery eyes at my departure,
Would they see me again? They didn’t know.

Addiction is a selfish affliction.
Eyes closed to other’s closed eyes.
To the countless increased heart beats,
At the answering of phones late at night.

I wish I could have been able to stop,
At the breaking of their hearts.
Maybe even if I just hid it better,
Kept it together, rather than falling apart.

They loved me unconditionally through it,
The years of blatant self-destruction.
On bended knees, with loving embraces,
Through disappointments and pain, they didn’t let on.

Nothing I could ever say would suffice.
There aren’t words of gratitude enough.
But I plan, through my actions from this moment on,
To make amends, and return to them their love.

©E.D. Allee
April, 2014

Dedicated to my amazing mom and sister.
With the love you’ve given and taught me, I thank you.


To James: You Will Be Missed…

You’ve been instrumental,
In helping me to change.
Many have tried before,
But I always remained the same.

You helped me open my eyes,
When I didn’t even know they were shut.
Exposing the falsities I’d subscribed to,
As destructive and corrupt.

You showed me there’s a different way,
To live this life I’ve been given.
That existing needn’t be such a struggle,
And I can escape my self-made prison.

You sold me hope with love,
In exchange for surrender.
Convincing me there’s a better way,
Than my adopted misadventures.

You laid out a map of sorts,
Leading to a different life.
And you showed me some tools,
To help me live it right.

You saw things in me,
Things I couldn’t see or understand.
I didn’t even know to look,
For the devil’s contraband.

You’ve touched so many lives,
And I know you’ll touch many more.
I wish you success and blessings,
As you walk through new doors.

You’ll always hold a special place,
Deep within my heart.
A place reserved by God Himself,
One for you He specifically carved.

Know you’ve made an impact,
That you are a strong light in darkness.
I pray you continue your crusade with vigor,
And fulfill your God-assigned purpose…

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014

This is dedicated to a man who helped me change my life through recovery from drugs and alcohol.  I, as an alumni of the treatment program I was in, have been able to revisit his lectures two days a week.  He will be moving on to another position now. He will be missed. 

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