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At The Roller Rink…


The excitement grows as we approach the rinks’ entrance

Once inside, we try to contain ourselves, but we CAN’T!

Instant smiles, instant joy, we race to get our skates

“Here’s your wristband”; “Regular, or in-line?”; “What size do you take?”


The décor is so bright and groovy; the walls are painted in colorful carpet

As we walk we scan those walls with our hands, risking rug burn- and we like it!

Sparkly disco balls hang in the rink softly darkened

Spinning in slow circles, while to eighties music our ears hearken


Laser beams of fluorescent green are shot randomly from the low ceiling

And there is the alluring smell of nachos and pizza continually cooking


We receive our skates and lace them up; now we are ready to roll

Then we enter that smooth wood surface hoping not to fall!

We take that first glide, one foot in front of the other, starting slowly

A little rusty at first, but it’s like riding a bike; we quickly gain confident speed


People are zooming by, crashing into each other, and often brake by slamming into the walls

And sometimes when some speed demon passes, it’s hard not to fall

Contact with the ground isn’t friendly on the rump, but we get up and start again quickly

Acting as if nothing happened, pridefully hoping in vain that no one has seen


We skate free, rounding lap after lap, it’s like we’re flying we pretend

And we love the feeling of speed, and on our face, constant wind

Many people surround us, yet we skate as superstars in our own movie

Waving to our friends and family in the audience as if we were something to see


Races are held to determine superiority in the category of fastest skater

There are winners and losers, good sports and haters

We do the Hokey Pokey and the Chicken Dance- can you believe it?!

Everyone looks silly. A break from formality… what a gift!


Time ticks away, and we start to get hungry and tired

We get some pizza and a drink, and we rest for a while

Then it’s time to take those skates off and give them back

A little sad, but mostly we remember the fun we’ve just had!


We can’t wait to come back and do it all over again

Next time maybe that race we’ll win!

We’ll hold onto the lights, smells, and sounds within our memories

Until once again we return… to the skating rink!

©E.D. Allee

March 30, 2012  –  Written as a revisiting adult with my nieces… after a very long hiatus!

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