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Night Falls Again…


Daylight’s not her friend,
Simply a reminder that night will fall again.
Darkness will blanket her once sunlit world,
And she’ll have to survive, have to endure.

The nightmares that haunt.
The unrelenting torment.
The shadows that have come.
The shadows which have left.
The vigilant watch.
The eyes wide open.
Back against the wall.
No relief until morning…

When light returns,
Only to remind her,
The dark will come again.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014




Come sing me a lullaby

One to help me close my eyes

Eyes which wish to dream of you

If only slumber they knew


Come sing me a lullaby

A sweet voice as if from on high

Restful comfort I would know

If you could only make it so


Come sing me a lullaby

From so far away, please try

For I long for darkened eyelids

Could you grant me this one wish


Come sing me a lullaby

Soft and sweet while still I lie

In restless torment I spend my nights

I need your song to calm the fright


Come sing me a lullaby

I’ll be waiting, standing by

Till you are here with song

I’ll dream awake till the nightmares are gone

©E.D. Allee

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