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From The Mistakes Of Others…


If I could learn from your mistakes,
And you could learn from mine.
Think of how much easier it would be,
To maneuver through this life.

Instead I feel the need,
To touch the stove myself,
As if the times I’ve been burned before
Lacked the ability to compel.

Compel me to make wiser decisions,
Ones to enhance my journey.
An avoidance of the pain and consequences,
Of learning the hard way.

Perhaps it’s pride that’s the culprit,
The belief it won’t happen to me.
As if I’m somehow different,
“Where you’ve failed, I’ll succeed”.

I pray my deceived thinking,
These detrimental false beliefs.
Can be altered by choosing to learn,
From what other’s mistakes show me!

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014



I Falter…

I waste not time asking why,
Explanations prove too numerous to sift.
Answers are primarily filled with opinions,
Based on varied beliefs and experiences.

But I do find myself wondering,
Confounded by the repetitive theme.
How it is, in spite of all I’ve learned.
I keep choosing what’s wrong, and faltering.

Pesky flesh, disobedient and immature soul,
In constant training I remain.
I face trials and tribulations,
I’m growing and learning each day.

At one time, mistakes brought self-condemnation,
Which tried to separate me from God.
I now focus on the gift of spiritual conviction.
God and I both know I’ll fail… A Lot!

I now move to God rather than away when I’ve erred,
Knowing only He can make me stronger.
I’m afflicted with self-focused desires,
A carnal soul, a spirit-offending impostor.

My needs and wants I seek without pause,
I trip on stones when my guard is down.
I continually try to pilot this vessel myself,
Yet, when shipwrecked, still need to be found.

I haven’t got myself together, not sure I ever will,
And I suspect my past will always strive for revival.
Temptations will tug at my soul while I have breath
I’m just grateful I have God with me through it all.

©E.D. Allee
January, 2014



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