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Virga In The Valley…

It’s raining in the sky,
No hopes of touching ground.
Virga in the valley,
Sight without sound.

Beautiful, mysterious darkness,
A mass collection of gray.
Is there a longing to to connect,
Or a desire to stay away?

Virga in the valley,
I see beginning, and I see end.
It’s raining in the sky ,
Strands of water, limited.

©E.D. Allee
October, 2015

Sun Surprise…


Dwelling among the grayness,
Which had become sufficient light for me,
I simply forgot to expect the sun’s return.

Then suddenly, with a bright nudge,
A radiant heat upon my skin.
I’m reminded, for light, to yearn…
The e sun first breaks through
A dreary, cloud-filled sky
And finds its way to my face

That first unobstructed glow
The warmth enhanced by its absence
Is a gentle kiss of God’s love and grace

Then the clouds re–blanket
Softly settling back to their places
The sun continues to burn them away

Peeking in and out of small progress
Atmospheric denseness drowning
Asserting illuminations’ reign
How could I get comfy with the gray?
Why was I surprised by the sun’s rays?
Maybe “why”, isn’t important.

My heart is filled with appreciation.
Right now is a new now.
And back to the moment I’ve been transported!

©E.D. Allee
February, 2014



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