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Gambler’s Hole…


I don’t typically play the slots,
Pokers is not my gig.
Black jack is nail biting,
I don’t know what the heck keno is!

Yet I find I sometimes gamble,
Hoping for consequence evasion.
And every time I get by with something,
I lean towards doing it again…

Even when I know what’s right,
I sometimes choose what’s wrong.
Instead of the inner voice God’s given,
I listen to MY desires, MY wants.

I’m not proud of this particular trait,
At times My strength seems gone.
Sometimes I make bad choices out if ignorance,
And my growth is simply prolonged.

It’s when my understanding is present,
When I’m cognizant of what I’m doing.
That I gamble and squander my sanity,
At these times, to darkness my soul is losing.

I pray for strength here, knowing this isn’t a game,
I realize my destructive ways are fatal.
I stand to watch all crumble to motionless dust,
I eventually lose when I choose to gamble.

The lights, the noise, the rewards and bonuses,
Seek to lure me in, to steal my soul.
I know I can’t stop by my own strength,
I need God to help me walk around the gambler’s hole!

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

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Alcoholic Slippery Places, Less Slippery in time?

Slippery places aren’t so slippery anymore,
Am I right to assume?
Is that a belief with validity?
Enough to pull me through?

If I walk alone to the casino floor,
Just a twenty (as if!) in my hand.
Fully hydrated, so as to avoid drinks,
Will my restraint gene kick in?

Rhetorically I ask,
I pose the question even to myself.
Knowing I generally end up testing limits,
I don’t even think… I SET for myself!!!

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

Hours later… All is well.
Did I slip by or succeed?
Either way I choose to think,
Slippery places aren’t as slippery!!!


Sike! Perhaps the ice is a clue…


I’m still a good little alcoholic in recovery! Diet Dr. Pepper and powerade (virgins!). I’m also smoking candy cigarettes. 😛

View from Venetian Hotel/casino…



Can’t drink in the slots.

Cannot play with alcohol.

And I am okay!

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