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Pray For Las Vegas


First round not a threat to life,

Initially many believed.

Fire-works, they began to look,

But colorful lights they did not see.


Screams from the crowd erupted,

People began to run and fall.

Blood started to flow,

From faces, necks and hearts.


Which way to run, no one knew.

What direction were the bullets coming?

At least 20 minutes it seemed, continuous rounds,

Automatic weapons rushing.


58 dead, over 500 injured,

Our city forever changed.

Pray for Las Vegas.

Each victim has a story and a name…


©Elizabeth Dianne Allee

October 3, 2017

Image: http://nashvillepublicradio.org/post/country-music-performers-respond-after-mass-shooting-las-vegas-festival#stream/0

Self-Inflicted Disaster… Excerpt

Darkness surrounds my being,

And a lamp is within reach.

Hopelessness consumes me,

And I know where to go for release.

Powerlessness claims my existence,

When I have all the strength I need.

Death overtakes my garden,

I watch it wither and plant no new seeds.

The tide is rising and I’m still at ground level,

Not yet ascending the cliff.

Lightning strikes all around me,

And under a tree I sit.

The snake approaches and I do not move,

Though I have time before it arrives.

The tornado is in the distance, the cellar’s within reach,

Yet I do not go inside.

©E.D. Allee
April, 2014

Portion of the full poem https://journeyinrhyme.wordpress.com/2013/09/23/addiction-self-inflicted-disaster/

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