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Gift of Centering Beauty…


Amid the noise and table of double digits,
All participating in a sangria cheers.
A laughter and enjoyment I must transcend,
I look, and I see you there.

A single carnation, wine glass backdrop,
Empty vessel with purity as it’s void.
A bright pink, passion filled beauty,
With her graceful solitude, I identify and join.

A center of focus,
She’s soft to the touch.
Visual details refined to perfection,
God’s hand reached out to quell alcoholic lust.

©E.D. Allee
March, 2014

pic: my collection



Centered By Simplicity…


My heart was troubled

Disconnected from the light

Escaping into negativity

Viewing life with fleshly eyes


Serendipitously my attention refocused

On a small piece of creations’ beauty

Perfection in colors and patterns

God’s art arrayed gloriously


My spirit eyes controlled my sight

I entered awe’s dwelling with a humbled heart

Experiencing needed pause and reflection

I was centered in the moment now unlocked


Just one glance of a peacock’s feather

And I was swept away

From the accumulated negativity

I accepted throughout the day

©E.D. Allee

pic: from my collection

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