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THE GREAT VIVIAN… One of my sweet nieces

vivian from behind pic monkey

Everything is new to me

I want to touch, taste, and feel everything I see

Hello fan, twisting round and round; I love to look at you go

And my small red and white polka-dot box… how I love you so

The glow worm that brightens and sings while on the changing table I lay

And let’s not forget my favorite star… please never go away

I sit on my blanket and I scoot, scoot, scoot

My legs know only kicking right now, but one day they’ll splash in rain boots

The pots and pans hanging from the ceiling are monkey’s mom says

I believe her, because let’s face it, I don’t now what either thing is

When I am cuddled in mom’s arms and nestled against her chest

I feel so safe and protected, not so bad, my world is

The angels I see around me comfort me and make me smile

And because of the prayers of loved one’s, they’ll be with me my many miles

I’ll continue to grow and get stronger every day

Watch me as it happens; please don’t look away

Before you know it I’ll talk back to you and let you know what I think and feel

For now, mommy, just hold, love, and sing to me; say you always will

Keep reading me the books I love in that sweet and comforting voice

And know when I look up at you and smile, my heart really does rejoice…

©E.D. Allee

August 24, 2006

pic: my collection

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