Poetic Journey in Personal Discovery

See The Transformation…

See the transformation,
The change before the change.
The metamorphosis which will be,
When it’s the true you, you embrace.

Her ethereal existence,
Whisper of your tomorrow upon today.
Awaiting the steps of your journey,
Starting with one, your courage displayed.

You’ve been afraid to discover,
What’s destined to be yours.
Truths hidden by layers of facades,
Authenticity masked, hope obscured.

But I see her. Wings unveiled.
Through the hardships and mistakes.
To the light that already is,
And a dawn that waits to break…

©E.D. Allee
February 2015

Dedicated to a friend in a newly blossoming friendship… Angela
Wishing her beauty in self discovery upon her journey.

Comments on: "See The Transformation…" (6)

  1. Kevin Fitz said:

    Great job Stinky!

  2. Love this Sweet E. Hope you are doing well.

    • Glad you liked it. I fell in love with this image. I thought it was for me until I had a pretty intense conversation with my friend Angela – also in recovery. Been struggling getting through the steps and just really hasn’t “met herself yet” and has a hard time seeing past the past mistakes and “darkness”- been there… I see soooo much more and wish the same for her. The image wasn’t for me. It was for her. Thanks for reading and as always I hope all is well my friend. Peace to you. 💜

  3. Truly Inspirational!

    Be Bettr, Stay Bettr! 🙂

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